Career & Counseling Services

Our Mission

Aquinas College Career and Counseling Services assists our students and alumni with their pursuit of life and career planning skills that will allow them to have a career filled with passion and balance.


To fulfill this mission we:
  • Provide a safe environment where students can openly express their thoughts and feelings to a counselor who serves as an objective listener
  • Assist students with the process of defining and pursuing life, academic and career goals that complement individual interests, skills and values
  • Provide students with support and resources to pursue internship opportunities, increase professional skills, reality test career options, expand occupational networks and provide supervision and support for students during their internships
  • Assist students and alumni to refine career search strategies, enhance career maturity and access post graduate opportunities including: employment graduate school and/or service work  

First Destination Survey

For alumni who graduated in August 2013, December 2013, and May 2014.

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Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Donnelly Center, Lower Level