Projected English Department Course Offerings*

Spring 2013, 2016, 2019
Course number and title
EH 111 Introduction to Poetry
EH 112 Introduction to Fiction
EH 113 Introduction to Drama
EH 205 Advanced Composition
EH 210 Creative Writing
EH 211 World Literature
EH 220 Creative Writing II
EH 221 Introduction to Literary Studies
EH 222 Literary Studies for Language Arts
EH 230 English Grammar
EH 240 Poets and Writers in Collaboration
EH 247 Writing About Film and Drama (even years only)
EH 260 Catholic Authors (odd years only)
EH 273 Studies in American Literature
EH 292 Advanced Journalism

EH 349 Fiction Writing

EH 352 Script Writing
EH 355 The Novel I
EH 363 Romantic Literature
EH 364 19th and Early 20th Century British Literature
EH 370 American Literature I: Colonial
EH 388 Youth Literature
EH 400 Practicum: Teaching Writing
EH 410 Shakespeare
EH 451 Chaucer
EH 460 Teaching Creative Writing
EH 461 Irish Literary Heritage (Ireland)
*Subject to change. Please contact the English Department to confirm schedule.