Beyond Google: College Resources and Research Skills  

AQ Difference

Beyond Google: College Resources and Research Skills provides Aquinas students with the opportunity to truly learn the ins and outs of the library and all the resources it offers. Students emerge with an understanding of the various electronic tools available to them, how to most effectively and efficiently use those tools and how to evaluate the information they find. GE103 prepares Aquinas students to successfully complete all the coursework assigned to them - and to continue their learning long after they graduate from college.
Quotes from students who have taken the class:

"The class was, overall, helpful and gave useful information that will help me with the rest of my years at Aquinas. "

"After taking GE103, I feel like I will be a more successful researcher. "

"Taking this class has been beneficial to me because it has taught me to be more careful when choosing which information to rely on. "

"Entering the class I wasn't sure if it was actually going to be a class that was beneficial to me but it has certainly proven to be. I am discovering that as I search for something in my day to day browsing I use things that I have learned in GE 103."