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Clinical Exercise at Aquinas College

Allied Health and Sports Science Minor

Minor Requirements: Twenty (20) semester hours.

  • At least nine (9) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • This minor is designed for students interested in Athletic Training. This is not a certifiable minor for teaching.
  • Only courses with a grade of C- or better will count toward the minor.
KN250 Physiology of Exercise 4.0
KN251 Nutrition for Sport 3.0
KN256 Anatomical Kinesiology & Biomech 4.0
KN257 Therapeutic Exercise 2.0
KN350 Medical Aspects of  Athletics/PE 3.0
KN352 Practicum I 2.0
KN458 Evaluation Procedures I 2.0
KN459 Evaluation Procedures II 2.0



  • KN250 Physiology of Exercise (4)

    Study of the physiological responses to exercise and sport. Emphasis on energy expenditure, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, respiratory systems and their adaptation to training. Lab required. Offered fall semester for Athletic Training majors and spring semester for Exercise Science majors. Prerequisites: BY150 or BY155/156 or BY171 or KN200 or permission of instructor

  • KN251 Nutrition for Sports Performance (3)

    An introduction to the basic principles of nutrition with an emphasis on the role that nutrition plays in the physiological response to exercise in sport. This includes the composition of pre, during and post physical activity meals, the role that nutrients play in performance, disordered eating, and food as an ergogenic aid. Prerequisites: None

  • KN256 Anatomical Kinesiology/Biomechanical Kinesiology (4)

    Study of skeletal, joint, and muscular systems in the human body; analysis of muscular-skeletal movement applied to exercise, sports, and dance skills. Prerequisites: BY150 or BY155/156 or BY171 or KN200.

  • KN257 Therapeutic Exercise (2)

    This course is designed to educate students in the role that therapeutic exercise plays in the successful return of athletes to sports. Offered fall semester for Exercise Science majors and spring semester for Athletic Training majors. Prerequisite: KN350

  • KN350 Medical Aspects of Athletics/Physical Education (3)

    Organized principles involved in theories of conditioning, prevention of injuries and procedures for handling emergency situations. Includes basic taping, injury recognition, evaluation and rehabilitation techniques. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: KN200 or equivalent for Athletic Training majors, BY 150 or equivalent for non-AT majors. Additional fees may be required.

  • KN352 Practicum I (2)

    Work in Athletic Training facility situation; experience with daily treatments and taping of athletic injuries. Work may involve outside assignments. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status

  • KN458 Evaluation I (2)

    Lower extremity assessment for muscle and joint athletic injuries with clinical decision-making. Prerequisites: KN 350

  • KN459 Evaluation II (3)

    Upper extremity assessment for muscle and joint athletic injuries with clinical decision-making. Prerequisites: KN 458