125th Anniversary  

Celebrating Service: Ideas to Get You Started

Resources for finding volunteer opportunities:

Other sources:

  • Search Google for "volunteer opportunities” in your city, state
  • Check Craig’s List for volunteer opportunities
Ideas for Teachers:

Engage your class in a service- learning project and log your story on the website! 
Here are some sample lesson plans:


If you have a couple hours:

  • Adopt a family for the holidays. Check with your local food pantry for names and needs.
  • Decorate an elderly neighbor's porch with lights and garland.
  • Bring cookies to a local firehouse.
  • Write thank you notes to the people you see daily that provide a service to your community: mail carriers, crossing guards, construction workers, etc.
  • Donate blood
  • Create a new baby basket with bottles, formula, diapers, receiving blankets, etc. and take it to a women's shelter.
  • Sort through your closet! Haven't worn it in six months? Donate it to a resale shop that uses proceeds for a good cause.

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