Dominican Charisms  

Dominican Charisms

What does it mean that Aquinas is a Dominican College?
Dominican lives are rooted in the four Dominican charisms of prayer, study, service and community.
Charisms: Prayer




The Dominican tradition is two-fold: contemplative and communal. At Aquinas we are committed to gathering for right liturgical prayer nourished by God's Word and the Spirit. Prayer leads us into the deeper Truth needed to live out God's call for us in the world.

Charisms: Study




We commit ourselves to a love of learning, both formal and informal. This necessitates an openness to learn from the most unlikely sources as well as tried and true scholarship.

Charisms: Service




Aquinas encourages students to engage in service projects and service learning programs. It also offers preparation for careers that will enable graduates to spread the truths that they have learned - "to make a difference in the world."

Charisms: Community




We follow in the footsteps of St. Dominic, a 13th century preacher and founder of the Dominican order, with a commitment to building community through hospitality, inclusivity and dialogue. We have a long tradition of working together for the common good, both within the College and beyond for racial and social justice and outreach to persons and places in need.