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2014-2015 Costs

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Graduate Degree
Master of Management, Master of Sustainable Business $548 per credit hour
Master in the Art of Teaching, Master in Education, Master in Science Education $548 per credit hour
Undergraduate Degree - Regular
1 - 6 credit hours $498 per credit hour
7 - 11 credit hours $856 per credit hour
12 - 18 credit hours $13,666 per registration period
19+ credit hours $13,666 plus $498 per credit hour over 18
>Nursing Program Costs & Financial Aid
Undergraduate Degree - Continuing Education
All hours $498 per credit hour
Ravine Apartments A, B & C $2,745 per semester
Ravine Apartment D & E $2,904 per semester
Double & Quad Capacity Rooms $1,948 per semester
(Regina, St. Joseph Halls, Browne and Dominican Halls, elsewhere)
Single Capacity Rooms $2,066 per semester
(Hruby Hall, elsewhere as listed)
LLC Theme Houses & Willowbrook $2,330 per semester
NOTE: Reduced Occupancy Rates exist for any room occupied below its normal capacity.
Two students in a 3-4 student capacity room $2,110 per semester
One student in a 2-3-4 student capacity room $2,389 per semester
A. Residence Hall Meal Plan $2,227 per semester
B. House/Apartment Meal Plan (80 meals +$80 flex) $640 per semester
C. Community/Commuter Meal Plan A (50 meals + $25 flex) $375 per semester
D. Community/Commuter Meal Plan B (30 meals) $225 per semester
Tuition for year: $27,332 (12-18 credits)
Room & Board for year: $8,350 (Standard)
Total: $35,682
 Required Fees:
Traditional: $394 per year
CE & Graduate: $100 per year