Visitor Parking  

Guest & Visitor Parking: Frequently Asked Questions

>Campus Parking Map (pdf) >Parking information for AQ students, faculty and staff

Who is eligible for visitor parking?

Current staff, faculty or students of Aquinas College are not considered visitors to campus at any time, therefore these individuals are not eligible for any form of visitor or guest parking. Individuals who are not members of the staff, faculty or student body are considered visitors to campus and are eligible for visitor parking.

Do I need a parking permit to park on campus?

As a rule, all vehicles parking on campus must display a valid Aquinas parking permit. It is the responsibility of the hosting Aquinas community member to arrange parking for their guests. There are occasions when the permit requirement may be waived, per the discretion of the Department of Campus Safety.

I am a friend or family member of an Aquinas student. Where can I park when I visit?

Visitors to students must have obtain a parking permit to park on campus. To obtain a permit, accompany the student to the Campus Safety Office with your driver’s license and state-issued vehicle registration. Permits for parents and grandparents are free. All other permits are issued for a nominal fee. Please see the Campus Safety website for cost details.

I am coming to campus for an event. Do I need a parking permit?

Individuals attending an event in the Sturrus Center may park in the Fulton Lot (lot B) and individuals attending an event at the Athletic Field may park in the Woodward Lot (lot T). Download the Campus Parking Map (pdf). Visitors attending events on campus do not require a parking permit to park in the appropriate lot. Individuals attending events on campus may never park in any parking lot reserved for students residing on campus (resident students).

I am a guest speaker or have a meeting with a staff/faculty member. Where can I park?

It is the responsibility of the hosting Aquinas community member to arrange for your parking with the Department of Campus Safety in advance. Please inquire with this individual within 48 hours of your visit to campus if you have not received a parking permit so they have sufficient time to contact the Department of Campus Safety. If you do not receive a permit before your arrival on campus, please check in at the Campus Safety Office for a parking assignment.

I utilize the Grace Hauenstein Library but am otherwise unaffiliated with Aquinas College. Do I need a permit?

Depending on how frequently guests utilize the library, library visitors may either obtain daily parking passes at the Circulation Desk of the library or obtain a parking permit valid for the school year at the Campus Safety Office.

I am an alumnus/alumna visiting campus. Where do I park?

Aquinas welcomes alumni to campus as cherished guests. As guests, alumni should contact Campus Safety to obtain a visitor or guest parking permit prior to visiting or upon arrival to campus, including stopping into the Bookstore. If you are planning your visit in advance, please have your Aquinas host (faculty, staff or student) arrange for obtaining the permit. Alumni can also contact the Alumni Relations office at for assistance.


I still have a question about parking. Who should I contact?

If your situation is not listed above or you have additional questions about parking on campus, please contact Campus Safety directly at (616) 632-2462 or about your parking request.