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Read about what AQ accounting students have experienced at their internships!
Tyler Doezema - Spring 2008
Tyler Doezema My Internship was one of the most beneficial things I did to jump-start my career in accounting. During this internship I learned a lot about the profession and about how much hard work and dedication it takes to be successful. I interned at Beene Garter which was a perfect fit for me. While at Beene Garter I was able to build a social network and a skill set that I will be to use in future years. This internship not only taught me professional skills but also lined me up for a possible career with Beene Garter. I would recommend an internship to all accounting students.
Kathryn B. Williams - Spring 2008
Kathryn B. Williams I did an internship with The Rehmann Group in their Audit and Assurance department.  I was treated as an entry-level staff accountant.  This means I participated in every part of an audit, review, or compilation that a first year full-time employee would.  I would travel with a team of auditors and perform numerous test on a variety of areas that make up an audit.  This particular firm I worked at was a regional firm and allowed me to get a variety of experiences and I was also able to help create a good work-balance relationship.  Mostly though, it gave me the affirmation that I was traveling on a career path I enjoyed and could see myself doing
for years to come.  It also gave me the chance to bring all the lessons I learned in the classroom to life.  There is no better teacher than the real deal and I would encourage anyone to go out and get an internship no matter what.  You never know unless you try.
Michelle Maleski

Michelle Maleski

As an Accounting Intern at Mill Steel Company, I learned many things and therefore, the experience was a valuable one for me.  I worked with many accountants including the CFO and the Controller of the company. I analyzed the credit of potential customers and helped Mill Steel’s credit manager decide who could be a valuable customer for Mill Steel.

Also, I further developed my written and verbal communication skills while working with my colleagues and working with customers. I learned to analyze accounts
receivable/payable customer aging detail and did day to day office work as well such as filing, faxing, e-mail, etc. Overall, I learned about almost every aspect of accounting, including accounts payable/receivable, audit, and payroll.
Goran Guzina

Goran Guzina

Last spring I did an internship with Deloitte in Grand Rapids. I worked in the tax department for the Lead Tax Services group. During my internship I worked on preparing various tax returns for individuals, partnerships, S Corps, and Trusts. I also worked a lot with personal property taxes. I worked an average of about 40 hours a week but during the busy season, there were days when I worked 12 hours. One of the best parts about my internship was staying in Detroit for one week while I received training on tax law and how to use the firm’s software. My internship was very beneficial to me. I improved my communication skills, developed multi-tasking

skills, and met many wonderful people. Most importantly, it gave me a preview of real life and helped me decide if I would want to pursue a career in tax after graduating from college.

Katie Wagner
Katie Wagner

Last tax season I had the wonderful opportunity to obtain an internship through Aquinas College's recruiting program. It was during my junior year of college that I was an intern for Goodlander & Co. CPA's. I worked around 40 hours per week, with some over time toward the end of the season. During the first month of my internship I prepared mainly W2's and 1099's for many of their business clients. My main responsibility was to prepare the individual tax returns,1040's. I was also in charge of e-filling all the tax returns and installing the updates for the software to the network.  I was able to gain a small amount of exposure to forms 1041, 1120, 1065. It is

because of the hard work I put into my internship that I was asked back for the following tax season. Internships are very valuable and I recommend anyone interested in the accounting program to consider it.
Andrea Dickerson - Spring 2007
Andrea Dickerson

I recently did an internship with Andrews Hooper & Pavlik. I mainly worked on preparing tax returns, but was able to work on a few audit engagements.  Being able to see both sides of public accounting was very beneficial. Additionally the firm was in no rush to push me toward tax or audit.  Some of my tax experience includes 1040, 1041, 1120, 1065 and 990’s. The audit areas I worked on were accounts payable, property, plant and equipment, long-term debt and expenses. Having an internship is extremely advantageous.  First it lets you know if you are on the career path that fits you best.  Second it may lead to bigger and better job opportunities. Finally, it may lead to permanent employment.  I was offered a full time position during my internship and start in May 2007 after graduation. 

Jesus Martinez-Cruz - Spring 2006
Jesus Martinez-Cruz I interned with Deloitte in the Grand Rapids office in their tax department. I worked in the International Assignment Services (IAS), or what is now known as Global Employee Services. This tax group focuses on individuals that travel outside of the United Sates on engagements and vice versa. Our main responsibility is to level their tax liability as if they never left the U.S. This allows for their company to not base their decision of not sending an individual abroad because of tax reasons. There are treaties and credits that and individual can take to lower their tax liability. My responsibilities consisted of preparing tax returns for such individuals. During tax
season, I typically worked 65-70 hours per week. My internship at Deloitte was a wonderful experience. I returned to Deloitte as a full time employee on June 4, 2006 to take on more challenges. I am ready for the challenges to come because my internship gave me the networking skills, knowledge and experience that I need to be one of Deloitte’s great productive asset.
Steve Bonventre - Summer 2005
Steve Bonventre I interned at Plante & Moran in Southfield, Mich. I was an audit staff intern for the summer and performed many different functions. I went on reviews and audits; auditing cash, receivables, accounts payable, and investments at municipalities, dealerships, and schools. I would make deliveries to clients, work on benefit plan audits, and had quite a bit of training on different issues. I was able to travel to Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, and many parts of Michigan for training and audits. We had an intern retreat where the firm took us to Cedar Point and an Indians vs. Tigers game. I went to golf outings, and I had many opportunities for interaction with everyone from staff to partners. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I met many wonderful people, the internship paid well, and I was asked to come back next summer for another internship. I now know that public accounting is the career path that I want to take.
Jacqueline Reath - Spring 2005
Jacqueline Reath As accounting students, we all know that tax is an inevitable dimension of almost every business activity, in every area where a company does business. Therefore, tax planning and business strategy have to work together in order to maximize the financial performance of business operations. My experience as a tax intern at Hungerford, Aldrin, Nichols, and Carter, PC helped me to develop a deeper comprehension of tax knowledge and how tax affects different areas of business in various business environments.
"Hungerford, Aldrin, Nichols, and Carter, PC is a CPA and consulting firm that has been providing tax and accounting services to businesses and organizations located primarily in the West Michigan area since 1941." It is a medium-size firm with approximately nine partners and four senior managers. The firm provides services in the areas of income tax planning and preparation, business planning, financial and operational accounting, and management assistance.
As a tax intern, my primary responsibility was to contribute to client satisfaction by preparing individual tax returns. However, I was also responsible for demonstrating comprehension of basic tax concepts. I was expected to actively pursue increased tax knowledge by researching current tax developments and by taking on more difficult client assignments.
By developing strong analytical capabilities, as well as written and verbal communication skills, in my basic and intermediate accounting classes, I was able to excel in my internship position. Also, knowledge of tax theory and current tax policy from my tax law courses allowed me to develop a more meaningful sense of the projects that I was working on in my daily activities. Most importantly, reliability, a strong ethical awareness, and a positive professional attitude contributed to my success as a tax intern.
Adam Billmeier - Spring 2005
Adam Billmeier My internship was with The United States Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division. I started the internship in January 2005 and I am now employed as a Special Agent with the IRS. During my internship I assisted other agents with their cases. I accompanied them to interviews and helped review documents. I also assisted agents in preparing for trial. The main benefit of the program was having a job after college. My degree in accounting has been beneficial because I am constantly going through business and especially accounting records. The accounting internship program helped me to manage my time between work, school and social activities which is a skill that will last a lifetime. Also, without the Internship department I would never have found out about this excellent opportunity.