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Alumni Participation

AQuinas Fund - The Alumni Difference
Over 2,700 alumni believe in the difference an Aquinas education makes. For many alumni, it was scholarship assistance that made an Aquinas College education possible. With a sense of gratitude, our alumni are moved to give year-after-year to the AQuinas Fund.
The Wege Challenge - New/Renewed Donor Alert!

If you have not donated in the past five years, or have never donated, now is your chance!  For your minimum gift of $25.00, The Wege Foundation will donate $250 to the AQuinas Fund!

2013 December Alumni Challenge

Who inspires you to give?


Last December, a remarkable thing happened. Amidst the lights and the shopping and the parties, AQ Alumni graciously gave over $27,000 to the Aquinas Fund in the month December alone. This outpouring of support was inspired by one alumna donor and matched by another generous alumna, Kate Pew Wolters ’78, for a total of over $54,000!

We are so excited to once again announce the December Alumni Challenge...

Make a gift in any amount to the Aquinas Fund between today and midnight on December 31, 2013 and Kate will again match those gifts, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000. What a beautiful impact and message for Christmas…the spirit of giving is alive and well within our Alumni!



You will make the difference. Each gift counts towards participation. Each gift is important in reaching our goals and inspiring others to give. We have already received our first “inspirational” gift. Our friends Dick ‘56 and Carol Zamow Averill ’57 would love for you to join them in this challenge.

And let’s not forget about the Wege Challenge. If you’re a first-time donor, or haven’t given in the past five years, give at least $25 and the Wege Foundation will add $200 to your donation.

With the Spirit of Giving in full swing, we ask you to prayerfully consider what your gift will be this year. Does Kate's matching gift inspire you? Or Mr. Wege's generous first time program? Is it a favorite professor's dedication to AQ ? Is it Dick and Carol or the hundreds of other alumni who have already participated? WHO inspires you?

This season, give in honor of someone inspirational... 

The 2012-2013 Reunion Scholar Program

Beginning last year, for every $1,500 that is raised by a reunion class, a Reunion Scholar is named and awarded the tuition assistance in the name of their class.  That student will become a Reunion Scholar in the name of the class who made it possible.


This year, our Reunion Scholar Program has raised $76,166.27 from 430 donors! That is a $26,428.57 increase from the $49,737.70 raised last year. We also have 89 more donors than we did last year! That means we were able to award 47 Reunion Scholars with financial aid! Congratulations to our Reunion Classes for all of the scholarships that they were able to provide!

The breakdown as follows:


Reunion Class

Total Dollars Raised

Total Donors

Total Scholarships Awarded

Golden Saints




Class of 1962




Class of 1967




Class of 1972




Class of 1977




Class of 1982




Class of 1987




Class of 1992




Class of 1997




Class of 2002




Class of 2007




Alumni Giving Rates
The AQuinas Fund's Alumni Giving is at approximately 14%, with a five-year goal of 20%. Our benchmark schools have achieved up to 31% and higher. Absolutely any gift, large or small, affects this percentage -- even a $5 gift. If each Alumni were to step up and make a single gift to the AQuinas Fund each year, our Alumni Giving Rate could be at 100%! Imagine the impact that could have on student scholarships!
Aquinas College - 14%
Benchmark Achievement - 31%
Total Capacity - 100%
Your gift makes all the difference in the world. Invest in the AQuinas Fund today!
Give to Aquinas College Online
To learn more, contact the Senior Director of the AQuinas Fund: Kate Davis at (616) 632-2817 or or the Director of the Phone Center and Electronic Solicitation, Bridget Harrigan at (616) 632-2806 or To make a gift to the Aquinas Fund online, click here.