Academic & Learning Services  

Peer Tutoring

Aquinas provides individual or small-group tutoring for most courses, on either a long-term or short-term basis.
A student interested in being tutored should complete an application form at our office in the lower level of the Wege Center.
After a peer tutor is assigned, the students will meet to:
  • Examine Student Learning Strategies
  • Review Information
  • Discuss Content of Reading Assignments
  • Work Through Examples of Homework Problems
Peer tutors have excellent academic records and are often recommended by faculty to assure reliable assistance. They are trained in tutoring techniques and work under the supervision of professional staff members.
Assigning a peer tutor may take up to five working days. Once the match-up is made, the time for tutoring sessions arranged between the peer tutor and student. Peer tutors are not available for courses that offer organized study groups.
Students who are interested of becoming a peer tutor require a faculty referral of that specific department.
Contact Jill Straub at 616-632-2170 or for more information on Peer Tutoring