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Career Services at Aquinas College

AQ's Four Year Plan

First Year: Discover your Strengths

  • CD 100 & 210
    • CD 100: Career and Self Awareness
    • Course Description: The CD 100 class will assist you in identifying skills, interests, abilities, goals, and values as they relate to careers. With this information, students explore career fields related to the discipline that they are interested in and assess if these fields are personally a good fit. You will write a resume, cover letter, and learn interviewing techniques. This course is required for graduation.
    • Course Objectives:
      • Use a variety of tools including jobZology, StrengthsQuest, printed materials, mentors, and assessment instruments.
      • Register for Handshake. 
      • Develop a “starter” resume.
      • Identify possible academic majors based on career research outcomes.
      • Become more aware of personality traits and styles, specific strengths, skills, and abilities and how they fit in career development and implement those into personal, academic, and career goals.
      • Identify if graduate school is an option and understand the importance of researching the appropriate graduate school.
      • Identify experiential learning opportunities that fit with your new career goals.
  • CD 210: Career and Life Planning
    • Course Description: This class is specifically designed for continuing education students who want a theoretical and practical study of the career planning process applied to their interests, abilities, goals, academic discipline, and fields of interest. Focus is on self-assessment, development of career and life plan, and projects and techniques relating to personal career search and career management. This course is offered during the second quad only.
  • Discover your vocation:

Sophomore Year: Declare a Major

Junior: Real world application

Senior: Prepare to graduate

  • Preparation for Graduate School/Year of Service/Full time employment
  • CD401: Decision Making and Implementation
    • Stressed about graduating? Take CD 401, which has been said to be the most important non-required class you will ever take. CD 401 course is an exciting eight-week course designed to assist students in making the transition from college to the world of work, service, self-employment, and/or graduate school. Polish your resume, practice interviews, learn job search strategies and leave feeling confident and ready for the next step of your journey!