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Intramurals Sign-ups - How to register:

  1. Join the AQ Intramurals Facebook Group
  2. Go to Discussions tab
  3. Every quadmester a new sport will be posted and click on that sport for further directions for signing up your team.
The mission of Aquinas Intramurals is to provide the students, faculty, and staff with a comfortable environment for participation in intramural sports, recreation, and physical fitness. The goal of this department is to provide the highest quality experience to the greatest extent that resources will allow. Objectives of the program include:
  • Open recreation and organized activities.
  • Participation of eligible students, faculty, and staff, regardless of skill level.
  • Development of social, mental, and emotional, and physical health.
  • An outlet for the stress that is generated by the rigor of academic life.
  • A foundation for lifetime participation in recreation and physical fitness.
"It is a pleasure serving the students, faculty, and staff. The socialization, competition, fun, sportsmanship, and the true enjoyment of recreation are the meaning of intramurals. I hope that you will take advantage of the many recreational opportunities that will enhance your life at Aquinas College, and that you will continue in an active lifestyle when you leave."
- Dave Hammer, Director of Intramurals

The Intramural Team

Dave Hammer - (616) 632-2478
Director's Office - (231) 206-7756
Dave Hammer, Director - hammedav@aquinas.edu
Jon Hornak, Student Director - jmh003@aquinas.edu


Quad Activity Location/Site
First Men's Flag Football Soccer Field
First Women's Flag Football Soccer Field
Second Coed Volleyball Sturrus Center
Third Men's Basketball Sturrus Center
Third Women's Basketball Sturrus Center
Fourth Coed Soccer Soccer Field
*For more information, call (231) 206-7756. All events are subject to change based on participation.


League Description Entry Fee
Flag Football This league consists of both men's and women's teams. It is a competitive, non-contact sport, filled with action and is high scoring. The games are played at the AQ Soccer Field.
$50 per team
Coed Volleyball -2nd Quad Open to both men and women, this indoor sport is sure to be a blast. It is great fun and highly competitive. An end tournament will decide the winning team. Bump, set, spike your way to the championships!
$50 per team
Basketball - 3rd quad This league consists of 3 categories: the men's A, the men's B, and the women's league. Last year's teams played hard to the finish. Get a group of friends together and come join the fun.
$50 per team
Coed Soccer - 4th quad A new sport brought into our schedule last year that was a big hit and will continue to grow! Coed league 7 on 7 soccer with indoor rules. Great way to start the spring up!
$50 per team
Special Events
** Special events TBA **  

Rules & Regulations

Participation in Aquinas College Intramural Programs is extended to current regular program students, faculty, staff, and continuing education students. Any intercollegiate sport team member (J.V. or Varsity) will not be eligible for intramural competition in that sport. Any player using an assumed name shall be ineligible for further competition in that academic year. Teams shall forfeit any contest in which they use an ineligible player. Each team captain is responsible for checking the eligibility of all members of his/her team. Teams can add names to their roster up until the second game of a league competition. No players may be added to rosters in any other type of tournament after a team has engaged in play. Guest use of the Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center during open gym hours is restricted to one guest pass per Aquinas member per month. The guest is the responsibility of the Aquinas member.
If a team or contestant fails to appear at the appointed place within FIVE (5) MINUTES after the scheduled time of a contest, the official in charge may declare the contest a forfeit. This is provided that the team ready has the least minimum number of players required for the event. To avoid forfeiting, when the full number of players is not present at game time, a team may be allowed to play with a lesser number of players.
No regularly scheduled event may be postponed without the consent of the league supervisor. To avoid a forfeit, the two teams must agree to a postponement of the contest. Teams having games postponed due to weather or some other unforeseen conflict should watch the Intramural Department bulletin board for a new date and time. Only team captains will be contacted by phone.
All protests must be made in writing, either by a team captain or the event director, provided he/she has witnesses to the action. Any such protest must be submitted to the Director of Intramurals within one college work day after the contest in question. The officials, captains from each team, league, or event director, and other witnesses who have pertinent testimony will be called to testify before a decision is rendered. All protests must be on rule interpretation, and must be pertinent to the score and outcome of the game. Any team playing with an ineligible member loses all rights to protest a game on any basis. Proof of such an eligibility violation must be presented before a decision is rendered.
Sport-Specific Regulations
National Intramural and Recreational Sport Association (NIRSA) or other appropriate agency's game regulations will govern play for each intramural sport. Amendments from standard regulations enacted in intramural play will be posted on the Intramural Department bulletin board and announced at pre-season captain's meetings.
Insurance Policies
Please be aware that Aquinas College and the intramural department of Aquinas College can not be responsible for injuries that occur during participation of intramural sports. Aquinas College and the Aquinas College Intramural department does not carry primary or secondary insurance for intramural sports. All participants should be covered by their own insurance. All intramural participants are participating at their own risk.
Specified Sports Rules
Aquinas College follows all NIRSA rules unless stated otherwise, some rules will be changed or modified to accommodate the Aquinas students and Aquinas facilities. These rules will be discussed at the captains meetings, held before the start of each league. Download (pdf) the following specified rules for the indicated sports offered through the Aquinas College Intramural Program: