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Saints Connecting With The Community

05/23/2012 – The Aquinas Men's Soccer staff organized a camp for San Juan Diego Academy, getting youth soccer players involved with college athletes. The men's soccer coaches, Joe Veal and Brian McKeough, organized a soccer camp for sixty kids from San Juan Diego Academy. Joe and Brian had many current athletes from both the men's and women's soccer teams participate along with several AQ soccer alumni.

The kids got to spend the day playing soccer and other games here on campus. They were especially excited about playing on "a real turf field!". Former player and AQ graduate, Ruben Ornelas Luna, spoke to the kids at lunch about the importance of working hard in school. He emphasized remembering their Spanish, but learning English, and doing the right things in life. After the speech, two fourth graders said "I am going to Aquinas for College". The AQ soccer team gave all the kids Aquinas soccer camp t-shirts and even donated soccer balls to San Juan Diego Academy.

After the experience, Dan Vaughn said, "I think this was truly a win for Aquinas, a win for San Juan Diego Academy, and a win for the kids. You know things went well when some kids fell asleep on the bus ride home. I congratulate you on the efforts and dedication of your people and your organizations."

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