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Saint at the Super Bowl

02/01/2013 – Former student-athlete Dino Paganelli will take center stage on Sunday as he serves as back judge for football's biggest game. The Rogers High School grad who roamed the Saints outfield for the baseball team during the 1989 and 1990 seasons will be making his first appearance on "Super Sunday".

Paganelli, who is concluding his sixth season in the NFL, becomes the third Paganelli son to have reached the pinnacle of their profession. Dino's brother Carl Jr. has been apart of three Super Bowls, while oldest brother Perry served as the back judge in the 2007 game. The Paganelli brother's have one person who takes a very special interest in their endeavors, Carl Sr. The patriarch of the family is extremely proud of his sons and looks forward to Sunday's contest between the 49ers and the Ravens. Carl Sr. has been a football official himself for over thirty years and is by far his sons biggest fan (and/or critic).

Dino will bring his three children to the festivities (Brady, Jake and Katelyn) in New Orleans. Christy Paganelli, Dino's wife, passed away two years ago after a battle with cancer. Christy is a member of the Aquinas College Athletic Hall of Fame and is still revered as one of the finest players ever to wear an Aquinas softball jersey.

On Sunday between the hard hitting action and the high priced commercials keep an eye on #105 in the black and white stripes. A true honor and highlight event that Dino and his family will not soon forget.

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