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Libs Hit Provisional Mark at Martian

04/14/2013 – Andrew Libs was the only Saint in action this weekend from the Aquinas College track and field teams. In his debut at the half marathon distance, Libs hit the "B" qualifier for the NAIA National Championships in Marion, Indiana. Libs placed second overall and recorded a time of 1:14:37 to entertain the possibility of racing the marathon at Nationals. Andrew competed at the Martian Half-Marathon in Dearborn, Michigan.

Slowed recently by some foot troubles, Libs executed his plan to the best of abilities and walked away from the experience content, but not quite satisfied. Libs commented, "I was on pace to the hit automatic through about ten miles. Unfortunately, I had to hitch a ride on the 'struggle bus' for the last couple because my legs were shot. I still broke the 1:15:00 mark so I'm pretty happy."

Libs, who has captained the men's cross country team the last two seasons, is one of the most recognizable and personable figures on the campus of Aquinas College.

Andrew and the rest of the Saints will resume competition on Saturday as they travel to GVSU to compete in the Al Owens Classic.

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