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Student-Athlete Policies



>Class Attendance Policy (pdf)
>Student-Athlete Handbook (pdf)
>Social Media Policy for Student-Athletes (pdf)




Terry Bocian
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Athletic Department Student-Athlete Class Attendance Policy

    1. Student-athletes should take into consideration the practice and game schedules when scheduling classes.
    2. Coaches will make every attempt to work with the class schedules in regards to practices.
    3. Student-athletes are not to miss class for any practice, fund-raiser, scrimmage, and picture taking session or any other related activities.
    4. If coaches are aware of his/her student-athletes missing class unnecessarily, they should be disciplined until the class attendance policy is adhered to.
    5. In regards to scheduled competitions, the student can ask the individual professor/s IN ADVANCE for permission to attend the game/competition. However, if the professor cannot or will not make special arrangements, the student-athlete is advised to attend the class or be ready to accept the consequences.
    6. Remember when there is an academic-athletic conflict the academic take priority. This is one reason that we carry more than the minimum number of players on each squad.
    7. There are no REGULAR SEASON competitions scheduled during the exam weeks.
    8. NOTE: Post season dates are set by regional and national offices years in advance and Aquinas has no control over these.
The class attendance policy was approved by the athletic committee of the academic assembly in 1981 and has been reviewed periodically. >Download the Class Attendance Policy (pdf)

Aquinas College Student-Athlete Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to communicate the policies and procedures of the Aquinas College Athletic Department. It is important that each student-athlete understands the goals and expectations that the Aquinas College Athletic Department has established.
>Download the Student-Athlete Handbook (pdf)
>Letter from Dean of Student Services - Brian Matzke (pdf)