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Student Athlete Advisory Board (S.A.A.B.)


Mission Statement

To unite Aquinas College athletic teams with a focus on quality experiences in the classroom and on the playing field/court. Also, to establish relationships and to support individuals on campus and in the Grand Rapids community.

Officers 2009 - 2010

President: Katie VanderMeer
Vice President: Sam Kendall
Secretary: Marissa Fishel
Treasurer: Annie Parks

SAAB Members

Teresa Buiocchi Teresa Buiocchi JR Women's Soccer
Becca Underwood Becca Underwood SR Women's Soccer
Nick Papes Nick Papes SR Baseball
Mike Kaiser Mike Kaiser SR Baseball
Cory Garneau Cory Garneau JR Baseball
Allison Miller Allison Miller JR Softball
Kristi Kuiphoff Kristi Kuiphoff JR Softball
Sam Kendall Sam Kendall SR Softball
Molly Lounds Molly Lounds JR Volleyball
Katie VanderMeer Katie VanderMeer JR Volleyball
Sarah LeClair Sarah LeClair SO Volleyball
Cecelia Vaughn Cecelia Vaughn JR Women's Tennis
Katie Siegel Katie Siegel JR Women's Tennis
Devin Leah Devin Leah SO Men's Cross Country
Nick Thelen Nick Thelen SO Men's Cross Country
Alina Dhaseleer Alina Dhaseleer FR Women's Cross Country
Rachel Leuhm Rachel Leuhm SO Women's Cross Country
Matt McDonald Matt McDonald SR Men's Basketball
John Leirman John Leirman SR Men's Basketball
Lindsey Karpowicz Lindsey Karpowicz FR Women's Basketball
Joslyn Narber Joslyn Narber SR Women's Basketball
Andrew Kish Andrew Kish SO Men's Golf
Max Rouse Max Rouse SR Men's Golf
Elizabeth Pixley Elizabeth Pixley JR Dance
Shealyn McGaffey Shealyn McGaffey JR Dance
Lisa Nugent Lisa Nugent JR Cheer
Michele Sarkey Michele Sharkey SO Cheer
Jamie Scholma Jamie Scholma JR Athletic Training
Marissa Fishel Marissa Fishel JR Athletic Training
James Burkhardt James Burkhardt SO Men's Lacrosse
Doug Seites Doug Seites SR Men's Lacrosse
Ann Hertl Ann Hertl JR Women's Golf
Lindsey Andershock Lindsey Andershock SR Women's Golf
Kati Rogers Kati Rogers FR Women's Lacrosse
Annie Parks Annie Parks SO Women's Lacrosse
Mike Vaughan Mike Vaughan JR Men's Soccer
Ruben Ornelas- Luna Ruben Ornelas-Luna JR Men's Soccer
Chad DuRussel Chad DuRussel JR Men's Soccer
Tuan-Anh Tran Tuan-Anh Tran SR Men's Tennis
Michael Sendor Michael Sendor SO Men's Tennis
Andrew Jary Andrew Jary FR Grandville, Mich./Grandville
Lauren Smith Lauren Smith FR Women's Track and Field
Maddie Zych Maddie Zych SO Women's Track and Field
Matt. Hewson Matt Hewson SR Men's Track and Field
Cam Smith Cam Smith SR Men's Track and Field

Photo Gallery

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Wacky Olympics
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