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Philosophy Statement  
International Business Student wins West Michigan Trade Association Award
Krystahl Lewis




Congratulations to International Business Major Khrystal Lewis for winning the West Michigan Trade Association Award worth $1,000.

Outstanding Senior Awards 2015
Senior Awards




Graduating senior Erikka Lewandowsky was honored as the Business Administration Outstanding Senior for the 2014-2015 academic year.

What Make AQ's Business Program Different?
  • A distinguished faculty that brings a minimum of 10 years of corporate experience into the classroom.
  • Dual majors in accounting, communication, sports management, visual arts and theatre.
  • The only undergraduate degree in sustainable business, where students learn practices that increase corporate profitability and eliminate negative environmental impacts.
  • AQ business grads have gone on to graduate school at Columbia Business School, Tufts, Harvard and Thunderbird, to name a few.
Philosophy Statement
The Department of Business Administration is committed to the development of broadly educated, globally oriented, ethical professionals, whose high standards of professional competence enable them to actively contribute to their profession, community and society. Competent professionals in the business and not-for-profit communities must be able to think critically, communicate clearly, research effectively, employ quantitative reasoning, use current technology, and work cooperatively with others.
Our programs encompass both theoretical and application components. The curriculum draws upon and is enhanced by the liberal arts focus of the college. We expect students to draw upon the perspectives gained from studies as diverse as philosophy, mathematics, history, religious studies, psychology, literature, languages, sociology, natural sciences, economics, and the fine arts. Students must gain an understanding of organized institutions so they can deal effectively with this phenomenon that shapes so much of their lives.

The Department of Business Administration is committed to working with other departments in the college to provide a strong organizational background for students in other academic majors through individual courses, business cognates, and dual majors.

Opportunities are provided for internships and field experience to help students develop and define long term goals. By integrating coursework with such experiences, students are prepared for careers in a variety of organizations, graduate school, advancement in current professions, and lifelong learning.
The liberal arts and career orientation focus of the department provides students with the ability to see the world community and their relationship to it individually and collectively. It provides them with the specialized knowledge to understand the necessity of efficient and effective organizational practices. We believe the marriage of these two perspectives provides our Business and Accounting students with a unique advantage, preparing them for extraordinary service to profession, family, and society.