Focus on Timothy Jenks, Adjunct Professor of Business

Timothy Jenks Timothy Jenks
Adjunct Professor
I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. My education includes studies in Religion, Mathematics, and Economics, an MBA in Policy Analysis, a variety of seminary studies, and a Ph.D. in Natural Health. I started my professional career as a computer operator, then programmer, systems analyst, manager, auditor, and consultant, working for a CPA firm in Kansas City. The position gave me the opportunity to work from the ground up designing, developing, and implementing computer systems for a wide range of businesses. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to understand the whole organization from the smallest details to the highest strategic levels.
I left the CPA firm in 1978 for a full time teaching position at Hope College, then started my own software development and consulting company. I have worked as an Information Technology manager and director, including eight years at a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When I began in 1988, they were using an IBM System 36 with three workstations, and six PCs used as glorified typewriters. When I left, in 1996, we had installed six Novell servers, over 300 workstations, and a wide range of useful applications and accessories, covering everything from billing and other business areas to automated scheduling and medical documentation.
I worked for, then purchased a company that does telecommunications traffic analysis, which I now operate with my daughter. I have continued to teach in business, management, accounting, and information systems, and since completing my doctorate, I have been writing and teaching in the area of wellness and healing, social gerontology, and death and dying, both at the college level and organizing workshops, seminars, and retreats. My dissertation dealt with Native American wellness and healing, and that remains a particular interest to me.
I live in Grand Rapids and Comins, Michigan, dividing my time between the city and the farm. Comins lies in the Northeast part of the state; we have fruit trees, garlic, and other gardens there. I have four daughters and nine grandchildren, two dogs, and two cats.