Student Learning Outcomes

  • Outcome 1 – Students will demonstrate effective communication skills in listening, writing and public presentation.
  • Outcome 2 - Students will understand the business and economic linkages in the local, national and global communities.
  • Outcome 3 - Students will be able to articulate how they can contribute to an organization or graduate program.
  • Outcome 4 - Students will be able to identify key qualitative and quantitative variables affecting an organizational decision, access relevant information and propose an appropriate response.
  • Outcome 5 - Students will know and understand the role of markets and marketing in society. Criterion for outcome 5 has been approved: The student can explain the resource allocation problem in modern societies and can intelligently discuss the role of markets and marketing in that context.
  • Outcome 6 - The student will be able to evaluate an organization’s market situation and recommend appropriate marketing strategies. Criterion for Outcome 6 also approved: The student will be able to characterize an organization’s current situation in terms of consumer behavior, market structure, legal and regulatory environment, as well as the organization’s current use of the managerial variables of product-service design, price, promotion and physical distribution. The student will also be able to recommend plausible new marketing strategies.
  • Outcome 7- Students will understand the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and their use in integrating organizational resources to achieve success. Criterion for outcome 7 have also been approved: Given a case study, a student will be able to identify the central issues limiting an organization’s success, assess what resources would be required to address those issues and devise a plan to achieve desired outcomes. The student will be able to discuss the feasibility of implementing the plan in light of current circumstances, recognize some of the steps that would be required for a successful implementation and suggest ways the organization could assess the effectiveness of its outcomes.
  • Outcome 8 - Students will understand the process of acquiring and efficiently allocating resources within an organization.
  • Outcome 9 - Students will be able to generate, analyze and interpret financial information that will be useful in decision making and assessing performance.
  • Outcome 10 - Students will be effective communicators in public presentations.