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Parking Penalties

Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right. The privilege may be revoked for continued or gross violations of parking regulations.
Flagrant Violator Policy

The first three citations incurred by an individual are fined at the listed fee.  The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth citations incurred are fined at $50, regardless of the offense. An offender’s ninth citation and any subsequent citations are fined at $100 regardless of the offense.  An individual’s parking privileges, or eligibility for parking privileges, are revoked after 10 citations.

Revocation of Parking Privileges
The Aquinas College Traffic and Safety Board reserves the right to revoke driving privileges for ANY violation of the Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations listed in this brochure. Upon review of infractions, the Board will consider the severity and/or frequency of violations. If the Board determines that violations are of a serious nature (i.e., they endanger health and/or safety of the College community) and/or are frequent in number, the Board will notify the violator by issuing a warning letter. The warning letter will detail the number of citations.
  • Persons receiving a warning letter will have an opportunity to appear before the Board to defend their driving privileges. If the Board determines that the violations are serious and/or excessive in number, the Board will revoke that person's driving privileges. Failure to appear before the Board will result in the forfeiture of your privilege to appeal. The decision of the Traffic and Safety Board is final unless the Board defers to the judgment and/or authority of the President of Aquinas College.
  • Once a person receives ten (10) violations, parking privileges are automatically revoked. No appeals will be heard. Violators will be notified via registered mail. If you park on campus after having parking privileges revoked, your car will be booted whether it is parked illegally or not.
  • Further infractions of rules and regulations following revocation of driving privileges will result in legal action by the College against that individual.
Schedule of Fines
Unpaid traffic and parking fines become part of the student's College bill and must be paid promptly.
Fire Lane/Hydrant - $50
All roads and driving lanes around campus may be considered fire lanes. Always park in a marked parking space.
Handicap Zone - $50
Only vehicles with a state-issued permit or license plate may park in a spot reserved for the handicapped. This rule is aggressively enforced.
Obstructing Roadway (Blocking Traffic) - $50
Speeding/Reckless Driving - $50
Because of the many pedestrians on campus, it is very important to observe the campus speed limit which is 15 mph. Traveling at reckless speeds endangers the safety of all and will be strictly enforced.
Failure to Stop - $35
You are expected to stop at all stop signs regardless of the presence of pedestrians. Stop signs have been placed in areas of high pedestrian traffic. Failure to stop endangers the safety of all and will be strictly enforced.
No Parking Zone - $20
Reserved/Special Permit - $20
Violating Posted Restrictions - $20
Posted restrictions are intended to designate a parking space or lot for a particular purpose. Examples of posted restrictions include visitor parking, reserved for faculty, 30-minute zone, etc. Each posted parking space serves a particular purpose. If you do not have a permit that allows you to park in a designated area, you will be ticketed. If your designated area/lot is full, you may not park in another restricted area or space. You must find another legal parking space elsewhere. Note: By obtaining a permit, you are not guaranteed a parking place in your designated lot. There are areas on campus that have been designated as No Parking At Any Time. These areas must remain open at all times with no exception. Temporary parking/loading/unloading/R.N.T.T.s will not be allowed in these areas under ANY circumstances.
No Permit/Expired Permit - $20
Persons who do not obtain a permit and are ticketed will be identified through the State of Michigan and held responsible for the fines incurred. Vehicles failing to display a valid permit after being identified through the State of Michigan are subject to removal from College property at the owner's expense. As of 2010, all permits have an expiration date printed on them. If your permit was issued prior to 2010 it has expired.

Improperly Affixed Permit - $20

Permits must be properly affixed to the vehicle. All commuter, staff, and faculty permits must be placed on the backside of the rearview mirror facing outward. All resident permits must be placed on the inside of the vehicle on the passenger side lower corner of the windshield. All permits must be placed using the self-adhesive already on the sticker. The use of tape is prohibited.
No Overnight Parking - $20
Improper Parking - $20
Persons who park over the line making it hazardous for another vehicle to enter a parking space will be cited for improper parking. Other examples are parking in the grass, in front of a sidewalk or other violations of parking policy.

Not Assigned Lot - $20

Vehicles must be parked in the lot in which a permit was issued..
Other - $20
These citations may include other violations of parking policy not included above.
Four or More Citations - $50
A driver's fourth and any additional citations will be $50 regardless of the violation. This means that if a driver has citations for more than one vehicle, the driver's total number of citations determines Flagrant Violator status. Paying a citation does not "reset" the Flagrant Violator status.
Towing Fee - $100
Aquinas College reserves the right to tow any vehicle on its property at the vehicle owner's expense. Illegally parked vehicles with five (5) or more citations may be ticketed and towed to a proper lot or stall. Vehicles which are creating a safety hazard may be towed to a proper lot or stall. If the Department of Campus Safety has requested a vehicle to be towed prior to the owner/driver moving their illegally parked vehicle, the tow fee will be charged to the owner/driver even if the vehicle is not towed.
Booting Fee (Immobilization Fee) - $125
If the Traffic and Safety Board revokes a driver's parking privileges, the driver's vehicle(s) may be booted any time it's parked on campus. Additionally, the Department reserves the right to tow the vehicle to an appropriate lot or space on campus before booting the vehicle. The vehicle will be ticketed for illegally parking on campus. The total fee for ticket and boot is $225. The Department will remove the boot when the driver's account is paid in full by cash, certified check, or money order in the Campus Safety Office.
Permit Replacement Fee - $25/$75/$100
There is a $25 fee for replacement permits (i.e. additional vehicle, or new vehicle after first permit obtained,) and a $75 Commuter/$100 Resident fee for lost, mutilated, or altered permits.
Look Up Fee - $50
If a vehicle accumulates three (3) or more citations and is not registered, the Department determines the vehicle's owner through the Secretary of State. The cost becomes the responsibility of the registered owner or offender.