Catholic & Dominican  

Welcome to Aquinas College

Our mission statement reads: Aquinas College, an inclusive educational community rooted in the Catholic, Dominican tradition, provides a liberal arts education with a global perspective, emphasizes career preparation focused on leadership and service to others, and fosters a commitment to lifelong learning dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the common good.


Aquinas is a Catholic liberal arts college within a Dominican heritage that is universal in welcoming all who will profit by their experience here.  The College seeks to assist students in making good life decisions and preparing them for a vocation and career that will enrich them and enhance the broader community. In Ex Corde Ecclesiae Blessed John Paul II  describes the ideal for a Catholic institution of higher learning - "In a word, being both a University and Catholic, it must be both a community of scholars representing various branches of human knowledge, and an academic institution in which Catholicism is vitally present and operative." (14)  Echoing Paul in Galatians, Aquinas, rooted in its Catholic faith tradition, welcomes all peoples regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, creed and disability.


Academic freedom of disciplines and faculty has traditionally been affirmed here.  Moreover, the academic freedom of the institution to be a college in the Catholic tradition and the academic freedom of students not to be coerced in any way are goals that we are strive to achieve.

We are concerned at Aquinas for the whole human person in all his/her dimensions - intellectual, emotional, ethical, physical and spiritual. Mindful of our patron St. Thomas Aquinas' crafting of his Summa Theologiae on the model that all creation comes from God and will return to God, the College attempts to foster respect for all human beings and material creation. This perspective is the foundation of our academic programs, campus ministry, student support and multi cultural and international programs.


We are Catholic & Dominican

Aquinas in the Western and American university traditions and formed by a religious impulse is a Catholic college in a Dominican heritage. Catholic higher education has its origins in the monasteries and cathedral schools that predate the great medieval universities where theology was the highest faculty.

The Dominican Order was founded by St. Dominic de Guzman and approved by Rome in 1216. Members of the Order were actively involved as students and professors from their houses of study at the new universities in Paris and Bologna. Aquinas is proud to be a Catholic university shaped by the rich Dominican tradition.


Being Catholic in the Dominican heritage permeates our campus life and policy. Catholicism is well known for its both/and world view. It is always nature and grace, divine and human, faith and good works, scripture and tradition. In our desire for the Truth, the motto Veritas of the Dominicans, we rely on both faith and reason.


Faith and reason are not contradictory but complementary. If the academic disciplines stick to their proper ends and methodology the conclusions of faith and reason cannot contract each other. For example, scientific hypotheses of evolution need not contradict biblical revelation if the biological and theological sciences adhere to their proper ends. Science has the obligation and right to help us understand the process of how the world was created.  Our theology affirms that God is the creator through whatever process God's good providence determines.


St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae, II-II, Q. 188, A. 7 writes "Contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere, " commonly translated, "To contemplate and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation." One contemplates, reflects on "Veritas," or Truth, the motto of the order. At Aquinas College we seek to achieve this through the Dominican charisms of prayer, study, community and service. As faculty, students and staff of Aquinas College pursue the Truth, as our mission statement suggests, we do so in a common life of prayer, meditation and study in order to serve others in God's world.