Catholic Studies  




Student Learning Outcomes Courses Class Schedule Two Year Rotation of Courses (pdf)
This interdisciplinary minor explores the Catholic tradition, as expressed in art, literature, poetry, theology, popular piety, and philosophy. Courses focus on those elements of Christian thought, belief, and practice that are critical to understanding Catholic culture.
Requirements of Catholic Studies Minor
Twenty-one (21) semester hours (15 required, 6 elective).  Students must earn a C- or better in a class in order for it to count toward the minor.
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Required Courses (15 semester hours)
The following courses are required:
  • CA401 Christian View of History (3)
  • EH260 Catholic Writers (3, fulfills Gen Ed Requirement in Artistic and Creative Studies)
  • HY277 History of Christianity (3)
  • PH248 Catholic Intellectual Tradition (3)
  • TY147 The Catholic Vision (3, fulfills Theology Foundation requirement)
Electives (6 semester hours):
The following courses may count toward the Catholic Studies minor.
  • AT275  Renaissance Art and Society (3)
  • AT380  Baroque Art (3)
  • CA200 Tolkien, Narnia, and the Catholic Imagination (3)
  • CA210 Math and Theology (3; 1 math credit)
  • CA310  Special Topics in Catholic Studies (3)
  • HY311  American Catholic History (3)
  • MCHL/TY130  Music in Liturgical Celebration (3)
  • PH320  Medieval Philosophy (3)
  • PH245  Philosophy of Religion (3)
  • TY212  Vatican II and the American Catholic Experience (3)
  • TY255  Catholic Social Teaching (3)
  • TY345  Catholic and Spirit (3)

Course Listings

For classes other than those listed below, please see course listings under appropriate departments.
CA 200 Tolkien, Narnia and the Catholic Imagination
The analysis of J.R.R. Tolkien's and C.S. Lewis’s imaginative worlds, Middle-earth and Narnia, from the perspective of a Catholic worldview, Tolkien’s concept of mythopoeia and Lewis’s theological writings. This course is also a Theology elective.
CA210 Math and Theology
Three influential mathematical developments of the 20th century have had repercussions in theology: Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems, Cantor's transfinite cardinals and non-Euclidean geometries. We will learn enough math to support our understanding of these results. We will also consider the historical, philosophical and theological contexts in which these results were developed, exploring various controversies associated with these developments. This course also earns 1 credit toward the math major or minor.
CA 310 Special Topics in Catholic Studies (3)
Special topics in Catholic Studies offered on an occasional basis by faculty or visiting scholars.
CA 401 Christian View of History (3)
This course is a cultural history of Christendom, with a particular emphasis on Catholic culture and Christian historiography. When cross-listed with HY312, this course is also a History elective.

Class Schedule

Spring 2015
  • CA 210 Math and Theology
  • EH 260 Catholic Writers
  • TY147 Catholic Vision