Catholic Studies  



Program Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:
The mission of Catholic Studies is to share "the rich experience of the Church's own culture," assist students in their spiritual as well as their intellectual development, and establish Aquinas College as the regional center for Catholic intellectual and creative life (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, ยง 43).
The Goals of the Catholic Studies Program are:
  • To share "the rich experience of the Church's own culture" in an academically challenging setting with students and Catholic educators (Ex Corde Ecclesiae, § 43).
  • To host lectures, seminars, and other programming geared toward the mission of the program.
  • To establish a Catholic Studies Center.
  • To endow a named annual lecture series on the intersection of Catholic faith, thought, and culture.
  • To endow a named chair in Catholic Studies who would oversee the minor as well as the Center.