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Substance Abuse Awareness Program (SAAP)

The Program
This is a Student Development model designed to teach the appropriate uses of alcohol using the methods of educational,
social norming, and judicial responsibilities.
The program encompasses the entire student body; residents and nonresidents in the Aquinas College Community. To provide consistency; college sponsored academics, extracurricular activities, events, and projects are covered by the program.
The program is based on a proactive holistic approach. The development of the program is a collaborative partnership between Residence Life, Campus Safety, and Career and Counseling Services.
The implementation and process will include the partners listed above and various departments within the Aquinas College Community.
SAAP Class
The SAAP class is a non-judgmental group, whose purpose is to educate about the risks of dangerous drinking habits.
The goals of the SAAP program are education, assessment, and treatment. Although this group and the alcohol/drug assessments are a part of the policy violation for a student, it is not intended to be a punishment; but rather a consequence of one’s behavior that does not comply with the policies and the rules of the Aquinas College community and/or the laws of Michigan. Decisions regarding discipline sanctions could be in addition to a referral to the SAAP group or for an assessment. 
First Time Policy Violation
In addition to any other disciplinary actions taken, first time violators are referred to the SAAP group. This group is three hours in length. Enrollment may not be done by e-mail. Please enroll by calling Dee Wagner at (616) 632-2171. Confirm the location at the time of enrollment.
Fall 2014 Meeting Dates Time Location
October 8 2-4 JLH 302

November 11


JLH 302

Spring 2015    
February 17 2-4pm

JLH 302

March 25 10am -12pm JLH 302
Sharon Smith MSW, LCMSW, ACSW
Director, Career and Counseling Services
Adjunct Faculty
Phone: (616) 632-2902
Meghan Cupka, MAC, LPC
Adjunct Faculty
Phone: (616) 632-2906