AQ Chemistry Society

AQ Chemistry Society Officers



2013-2014 Officers


President: Marissa Saladin
Vice President: Anastasia McRoberts
Secretary: Levi Nguyen
Treasurer: Nick Pierce
Public Relations: Cody Ingram

The Aquinas College Chemistry Society is a Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society. Each year, the group sponsors educational, professional, and social activities for chemistry students and the whole Aquinas community. Interested students should contact any of the officers or any chemistry faculty member to find out when the next meeting will be held. Aquinas students may also check out our Facebook and Course Connect pages for information, upcoming events, and opportunities for participation.
A student may become an ACS Student Member by submitting an application here. Student Member status is not required for participation in Chemistry Society meetings or events. Student Members receive a quarterly magazine, are eligible for national programs, and receive discounts on insurance, travel, and meeting registration fees.





The Aquinas College Student Chapter was awarded an Honorable Mention Award by the national organization based on the 2012-2013 academic year. Our chapter was recognized at the ACS National Meeting in Dallas in March 2014 and four members were present to accept the award. It was the ninth consecutive year that the Aquinas Chapter has earned an award.

AQ Chemistry Society