Computer Information Systems  

Credit by Exam: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this process open to all students?
Yes, both regular and continuing education students are now eligible to obtain "credit by exam" to fulfill their technology course requirements.
Which courses are available to pass through this proficiency testing procedure?
  • CS150 Technology Concepts - one credit
  • CS151 Word Processing (Microsoft Word) - one credit
  • CS152 Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) - one credit
  • CS153 Presentation Graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint) - one credit
What type of exam is it?
  • The exam for CS150-Technology Concepts asks a variety of questions on computers and computer concepts.
  • The exam for a specific software program is an online simulation using Microsoft Office 2007.
How many exams may I take during one scheduled examination time?
  • You are permitted to take multiple exams. Be sure to allow 45-60 minutes per exam.
  • There is a key code which must be purchased per each exam. In other words, one key code allows you to take one test.
Is there a way to review or prepare for these exams?
  • Review the lists of review topics for each exam.
  • If you are taking one of the software application exams, read over the SimNet general instructions for the SimNet testing software.
  • The bookstore has course textbooks available that would be helpful as you prepare to take these exams.
Who must I contact to schedule an exam and what are the fees?
  • You must contact the registrar's office to sign up for the "Credit by Exam."
  • There will be a $50 application fee (per exam) and an additional $100 records fee for each course added to your personal transcripts (if you pass the exam).
  • The paper-work will be sent to the Credit by Exam Administrator, who will then contact you with information about taking the exam.
  • You must also purchase a key code to take the test as the exam is Web-based. The key code is a one-time use only, which may be purchased at the Aquinas College Bookstore register counter. The cost is $14.75 plus tax. It is not returnable.
How will I know if I "passed" the exam?
Upon completion of the exam, your final score will display on the screen. A minimum of 85% proficiency is required in order to receive "credit by exam" for technology courses. You will receive “Credit” for the course, not a letter grade.
What grade will be on the transcript?
You will receive “Credit” for the course, not a letter grade.