Computer Information Systems  

SimNet Online Instructions

Important Note: While this program provides an excellent, simulated environment for testing, please be aware that this testing software may request you to perform a function in a specific way. It may state “using the shortcut menu…” or “using the ribbon…” to direct your keystrokes. As most software programs allow a variety of approaches to complete a function, you may be asked to use a different set of steps than you usually use. The software also does NOT display the text pop-ups that normally display when you hover the mouse over an icon or menu option. Be prepared to use a variety of options to complete the desired tasks!
General Tips: The test question will display along the top of the screen, you will work within the window to complete the requested task.  (See note above.) Most software features allow you to use a variety of approaches to complete a task, including the dialog box, the ribbon, and sometimes the shortcut keys.  Read each question carefully, as sometimes you will be asked to perform a function a specific way (for example, “use the shortcut menu…” or “use the ribbon…”). Other times, if no specific instructions are given, the question probably allows for multiple correct answers. Be careful not to click on the End Exam at the bottom of the screen, or you will exit the program! The key code purchased is for a one (1) time use only. SimNet Online
It is common, when you take these tests to answer too quickly and make a mistake. If you get the message "Incorrect," as shown at the right, you will be taken automatically to the next question.  You may, however, press the PREVIOUS button to go back and repeat the previous question. If you subsequently answer the question correctly, you will not be penalized for your mistake. (You may retry each question only once.) SimNet Online
When you have completed the test, your final score will display. A minimum of 85% proficiency is required in order to receive "credit by exam" for technology courses. SimNet Online