About ITS

Network Standards
Why We Have A Standard Configuration

To insure a client's interoperability with our operating and networking environment, Information Technology & Services determines the standard configuration of an Aquinas College client computer. A client's incompatibility with Aquinas' operating/networking environment will impede our ability to support existing functionality, our ability to increase functionality, and the ability of improvement and growth of our entire network. A standard configuration gives us a reference point for implementing new technologies.

What Goes Into Determining A Standard

One of our Network Operating Systems (NOS) is NetWare from Novell Corporation. Novell Testing Laboratories puts specific models of computers through a series of exhaustive trials designed to test the compatibility of that computer with a Novell network. Novell will then issue a certification number for that computer that guarantees it will be fully compatible with Novell NetWare. This certification gives us a reference point for implementing new technologies. Any computer that does not have a Novell Certification number is not Novell certified and therefore not allowed on the network.


A client uses drivers to interface between the network, the applications, and the hardware of the client. Drivers are unique to each client configuration. Whenever we implement new technology, we thoroughly test each client/driver combination for performance and compatibility. In fact, every new technology that we implement must be tested and configured to work with each supported standard client configuration. If a client passes all of our tests and is Novell certified, it becomes a supported standard network configuration for the college.