AQnet Service Level Agreement


The following defines the level of service and appropriate service level agreement for the AQnet network administered by Information Technology and Services (ITS). AQnet provides high-speed internet access to residential rooms and commons areas around campus.

AQnet Services

  • Allows one to connect to the Internet through Aquinas College 's high-speed connections.
  • Allows access to all of the ELM services, currently including web-based e-mail, a personal calendar, integrated course software, and our very own student news portal, The Moose.
  • Supports the following established protocols (utilizing standard port settings) and applications provided that each application is properly configured by the user: http, ftp, AOL IM, Real Player, and Microsoft Media Player.   Other applications may function but are unsupported by ITS. Any third-party changes to these established protocols or applications may result in their inability to be used on AQnet.
  • AQnet is a heterogeneous network environment in which only standard configurations are supported.  
  • ITS is responsible for responding to AQnet network data jack operational problems and to provide repair services as needed.
  • It is the responsibility of the end user to properly connect and configure their machine for the AQnet environment.

Cooperative Computing

  • The AQnet network is shared amongst all AQnet users.
  • AQnet users are required to use anti-virus software and to ensure that virus definition files are up to date.
  • Users are also responsible for ensuring that their computer is up to date with any pertinent security and bug fixes.
  • In accordance with the AUP, computers and devices that adversely affect the AQnet network are subject to being disabled until the end user resolves the problem.

Service Availability

  • All services provided by AQnet are scheduled to be available 24 hours a day, with the exception of a maintenance window of 3:00-5:00AM daily during which system maintenance may occur.
  • Occasionally, ITS may at its discretion have to schedule maintenance to occur outside of the daily maintenance window. During such times ITS will inform users of any planned unavailability of system services.
  • There is no implied or expressed guarantee that AQnet services will always be operational.

Staff Support and Response Time
ITS employs Residential Technology Assistants (RTAs) to service AQnet users throughout the day. Support of AQnet is facilitated through the RTAs. RTAs will seek additional support from ITS as necessary. ITS will have representatives available during working hours to log requests for help. Support requests are accepted via AQnet Support Wizard and are often answered within one business day. In order to shorten response time, a AQnet user should make every effort to arrange a time when they can commit to working with an RTA. The amount of time until the resolution of a problem will vary greatly depending on its complexity and the time it takes to coordinate schedules. Users are expected to seek assistance from ITS when needed and to inform ITS when problems occur. ITS will try to resolve issues as soon as possible.

Fees and Charges
There is currently no fee for AQnet use and there is no compensation for outages. The right is reserved to charge a $35 reconnect fee for accounts that are disabled for AUP violations. Students who request technical services may be accessed an hourly rate for service of $35/hr, one hour minimum.  Technical services ITS is not able to provide must be sought from a source external to the College.  The right is reserved to recover parts and labor expenses for AQnet ports damaged by resident users.