T.A.P. Quick Start Guide

1. Turn on the Computer (if necessary).
2. Turn on the computer (if necessary), and login to Windows account using your ELM username and password. If you do not have an ELM account or if you are unable to login to your account, type aquinas in the username textbox, leave the password textbox blank, and press Enter.
3. Double-click on the TAP Key icon on the monitor screen to launch T.A.P.
4. Turn the projector on by clicking the Projector ON switch in the upper right corner of the computer screen.
5.Wait for the projector to warm up.  After the warm up is completed:
    • To show a DVD:
      • Click the DVD button on the Select Equipment bar on the computer screen.
      • To turn on the DVD player, press the ON/OFF button on the DVD unit.
      • Press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the DVD unit.
      • Place the DVD disc in the tray.
      • Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to retract the tray.
      • On the Main Control window on the computer screen, click the Play button, or by clicking the appropriate arrow keys on the computer screen, highlight the Play Movie option on the large projector screen and click Enter on the computer screen to watch the DVD.
    • To show documents from the computer onto the projector screen
      • Click Cart Computer on the Select Equipment bar on the top left side of the computer screen.
      • Switch to (or open) your Word documents, Power Point presentations, web pages, etc. to show to the class.  Whatever is on the monitor screen will be projected.
    •   To use Auxiliary Video (for document cameras, digital video cameras, etc.):
      • Click the Aux Video button on the Select Equipment bar on the computer screen.
      • Plug the power supply into the T.A.P. unit power strip and into the auxiliary video equipment. 
      • Plug the video/audio composite cable (usually this cable comes with equipment) into the corresponding aux video and aux audio jacks, located on the front of the T.A.P. cart.   If a video-to-S-video adapter is needed, please contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 2050.
    •   To use a Laptop:  
      • Click the Laptop button on the Select Equipment bar on the computer screen.
      • Attach the laptop using the VGA (and, if necessary, the audio) attachment cables located on the side of the T.A.P. cart.
      • Turn on the laptop.
      • To learn how to register your laptop to AQnet, see for instructions.
      • To display the laptop on the main projector screen, you may need to change the output of the laptop using the Fn button and its corresponding F key (for most laptops, including the Aquinas HP laptops, use the F4 key – for other laptops consult the User Manual).
6. Shut Down Procedures:
    • Remove all media and/or unplug all equipment.
    • Turn off projector by clicking the OFF button located in the Projector section on the computer screen.
    • Close all programs including the Classroom Control program.
    • Click the Start button located in the bottom left corner of the computer screen. 
    • Click Shut Down and turn off the monitor.
7. Special Notes:
    • Contact extension 2132 or 2046 to schedule T.A.P. training.
    • Unplugging the T.A.P. unit from the wall outlet will trigger a remote alarm.
    • Phones have been installed in every AB classroom to be used for assistance with T.A.P. - call extension 2046 or 2132.