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Below is information about new technology available for Fall 2013 and changes made in current technology since the Spring 2013 End of Semester Notice.
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Computer Re-image: Windows 7

Academic Software Testing for All Faculty

Technology Projects for 2013


Campus Software Upgrades

AQnet (Wireless Internet Access)

T.A.P. (Technology Access and Presentation)

Network Access for Graduating Students

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Computer Re-image: Windows 7

All Aquinas-owned desktop computers and laptops have been re-imaged with Windows 7. An information sheet was attached to each computer with detailed information about the changes made to the standard Aquinas configuration, which included instructions for

      • Navigating Windows 7
      • Microsoft Office 2010 updates
      • Setting your Internet Browser homepage
      • Re-launching Administrative or Academic software
      • Installing and configuring your Sharp printer to use your department print code
Academic Software Testing for All Faculty

As you know, all College computers have undergone a substantial upgrade over the summer and are now running the 64-bit version of the Windows 7 Enterprise desktop operating system. Many older programs can experience compatibility issues moving from the 32-bit environment of Windows XP into the 64-bit world of Windows 7. While ITS has made every effort to make existing software titles available in the new desktop images, we cannot feasibly test every feature of every application. If you utilize software as a part of your academic curriculum, please verify its full functionality before the start of the Fall term. All programs that have been previously identified as student courseware, have been included in the computer lab image and are readily available there for faculty testing.

If any compatibility or access issues are found with current courseware, it is imperative that ITS be notified immediately to allow time for resolution before the software is needed by students. ITS can also provide access to a computer classroom on the Academic Building’s third floor for testing as scheduling permits. Please direct all questions and concerns to the ITS Help Desk at (616) 632-2050 (on-campus extension 2050) or Thank you for your assistance.


For additional information about Windows 7, please visit the ITS Online Knowledge Base at


*Please note: This summer, the funding for the annual technology refresh plan was suspended. ITS technicians will do their best to support existing equipment in a timely manner.

Technology Projects - 2013

The Technology Projects List 2013 is updated regularly. Please access this document for status updates on any of the technology projects planned for 2013.


Campus Software Upgrades

The following programs have been upgraded and are now available on Aquinas computers:

- Adobe Creative Suite CS6

- Chem Office 2012

- Internet Explorer 9

- Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

- QuickBooks Pro 2013

- Sibelius 7

- SPSS Modeler 15

- SPSS Statistics 21

- ArcGIS 10.1


T.A.P. (Technology Access and Presentation)

  • All T.A.P. carts were upgraded to Windows 7.
  • One (1) new T.A.P. cart will be installed in Regina Hall Lower Level.
  • All wired connections to AQnet were removed this summer.  AQnet is available through wireless access points only.

T.A.P. Training

T.A.P. cart training is strongly suggested before using the technology. Please call ITS (632-2050) or Media (632-2132) to schedule training. Documentation is posted on the T.A.P. carts for easy reference.



This summer’s image includes a new PaperCut desktop client.  This client provides additional options (i.e. duplex printing) when printing from a campus computer lab to a PaperCut printer.

This Fall, all printing in the AB 353 Student computer lab will need to be done completely through the PaperCut print station. The ITS Help Desk will no longer be accepting cash for printouts.  Albertus Hall 113 Student Computer lab will continue to be a PaperCut print station only. The Grace Hauenstein Library lab will continue to have a PaperCut printer station and will also accept cash for printouts.  Please see the Library Circulation Desk for more information.

Remember, to use PaperCut, you will need to transfer money from your AQcash balance to your PaperCut account to use the print stations to retrieve your printouts. To add funds to your ID card, please visit the Food Service office in Wege 202 or Student Accounts in Hruby Hall.


AQnet (Wireless Internet Access)

AQnet-PSK network

This summer, in an effort to update AQnet-PSK registration records, ITS administrators implemented a new registration key for the AQnet-PSK network. Students, faculty, staff, and summer guests, who had previously registered a device (i.e. game consoles, eBook readers, Blu-ray players, connected TVs, and DVRs) on the AQnet-PSK network, will need to re-register their device(s) to access AQnet. To re-register your device, please visit Please note: Devices registered on AQnet-ELM (i.e. desktops, laptops) were not affected.


AQnet Laptop Clinic

ITS will hold Laptop Clinics this summer between August 25, 2013 and August 29, 2013 for students who need help with their AQnet connection. Please check ACORN or The Moose in late August for exact times and locations.


Network Access for Graduating Students

All students who graduated this spring will retain full access to all Aquinas web-based ELM services. However, on-campus access to the Active Directory network will expire this October during Fall Break. If a former student requires on-campus computer access in order to finish coursework beyond Fall Break of 2013, a network access extension may be requested from the Dean of Student Services Office (AB 107).