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Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Economics Department is to foster critical, reflective, informed, and empowered participants and citizens, who understand cause and effect in the realm of economics. Through a range of courses and activities the Economics Department offers crucial academic exposure to the study of economics and real-world examples. The department also offers students non-classroom opportunities to participate in economic projects and experiences.


2014 Economic Symposium: Nov. 12

On November 12, 2014, Dr. Todd Yarbrough, Assistant Professor of Economics at Aquinas College, was joined by economics professors from Calvin College, Cornerstone University, and Hope College for the 2014 Economic Symposium hosted by Aquinas. >More Information

Did You Know?

In addition to a firm base of factual and theoretical knowledge, the AQ economics major provides the extensive training in analytic and problem-solving skills. This background is ideal for many career fields!

Student Profile: Zach Stepanovich

As an International Trade Intern, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in different areas regarding international commerce and economics. My daily duties may include assisting International Trade Specialists with onsite counseling, evaluation, and developing an export market plan, and also conducting and analyzing international market research to aid companies in exporting their goods. >Read More