SIFE Teams

Clean Water Team Nutrition Team
Financial Team Wind Team
Toyota Production Systems (T.P.S.) Team  
Clean Water Team
The Clean Water Project is one of the newest additions to the Aquinas College SIFE chapter. The team most likely will be researching a sustainable business model for the implementation and distribution of BioSand Water Filters in a newly developed "sustainable village" located in Northeast China's Liaoning Province. Through such a model, financially backed by the Chinese government, millions of rural Chinese will have access to clean and potable water. The Project is an extension of the overall sustainable development program initiated by the Chinese government.
Clean Water Team Objectives
The Clean Water team is in the process of forming a working relationship with William McDonough, Chair of the U.S. Secretariat of the China - U.S. Center for Sustainable Development, and other active organizations. The primary goal of the Project is to develop a self-sufficient business model proposal for the implementation of the BioSand Water Filter in the new development. The model must embrace human capital, social capital, financial capital, and ecological capital.
Toyota Production Systems (TPS) Team
Rethinking the "Just in time" method for manufacturing. Helping West Michigan businesses to succeed through increased productivity and reduced cost for goods; saving jobs.
TPS Team Objectives
Several presentations are planned during the academic year. Implementing a visual interactive exercise using Legos to illustrate the benefits of using TPS.
Note: Because the Project is continually evolving, the team always will be in need of dedicated students who wish to make a difference through enterprise.
Wind Team
Trying to proactively educate the community about stepping out without the crutch of fossil fuels for energy needs. We are specifically focused on wind energy, and plan to talk to schools and businesses about utilizing wind energy as an alternative, efficient, and socially conscious solution to energy source problems. We are currently working to make the first "Cradle to Cradle" certified wind turbine (a product which is totally benign to the environment).
Wind Team Objectives
We hope to make a dent in out community by doing what we can to reduce pollutants in the air, water, and soil caused by the burning of fossil fuels. We are making a difference for the future from which we will all benefit, as well as gaining experience for our own futures in the competitive world.
Financial Team
The purpose of the Financial Team is to instill within high school students an appreciation for and basic understanding of their role in the economy and how, through sound choices, they could achieve financial independence.
Nutrition Team

The Nutrition Team was formed to create community awareness of healthy eating and ease of organic hydroponics.

Nutrition Team Objectives

  • Design, grow and test hydroponics produce.
  • Develop an organic food source for our students and local community
  • Test and implement a healthy vending machine menu on campus
  • Formalize the healthy vending machine program for dissemination to other institutions.