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The Aquinas College Difference

Why Choose the Aquinas College

School of Education?

 The Aquinas College School of Education is a nationally accredited teacher education program under the Teacher Education Accreditation Council.  Teacher Education students encounter a knowledgeable mix of full-time faculty, adjunct instructors who are often master teachers in their own field, experienced field supervisors, and a dedicated team of staff members who are all approachable and highly qualified in their areas of expertise.  The Aquinas College School of Education team is here to support and empower our students to become highly effective and qualified teachers in their field of choice.

At Aquinas, we don’t save the real-life classroom experiences until the end of our program. The School of Education offers a hands-on approach to teaching that models and emphasizes reflective, constructivist pedagogy. We have small class sizes and require classroom field experiences throughout the program.  Roughly 80% of our Education courses will require some type of daytime field placement in area schools. It is our intention to have students gain valuable experiences in a variety of settings, including urban, suburban, private, and public, in order to gain a broad-based perspective of tomorrow’s classrooms today.


School of Education Mission Statement:
The mission of the Aquinas College School of Education is to empower our students to be capable, compassionate and committed educators with integrity.


School of Education Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. School of Education Candidates (students and completers) demonstrate proficiency in teaching, content knowledge pedagogical content knowledge and knowledge of student needs by successfully completing student teaching.
  2. School of Education Candidates (students and completers) demonstrate professional competence expected in the fields in areas including: classroom management, assessment requirements, ongoing professional development and current State and Federal laws and guidelines.
  3. School of Education graduates achieve State and/or National certification in their field of study.

School of Education Philosophy

In keeping with the mission of the College, the Aquinas College School of Education is dedicated to providing quality teacher education which supports service to society through education resulting in social justice, community action, equity, and learning for all students. We believe teachers should be facilitators of the learning process who are compassionate, reflective models of integrity, committed to research, inquiry, and lifelong learning. We believe our students need to have the following elements of quality teaching:


  1. A foundation in the liberal arts and a proficiency in subject matter in specific endorsement areas.
  2. Strong pedagogical knowledge and the ability to apply this to effectively facilitate learning by all students.
  3. Ability to integrate technologies in ways which support effective teaching and meaningful learning.
  4. Dispositions of caring individuals who understand and can address the academic, personal, and social needs of their students with integrity and professionalism.
  5. Ability to work effectively with all partners, including students, staff, parents, faculty supervisors, and other teachers in order to create an environment which promotes collaborative support for student learning.
  6. Demonstration of active participation in lifelong learning and professional development activities and reflective teaching practices.


School of Education TEAC Certification:

Click the following link for the School of Education TEAC Accreditation Certification: AQ SOE TEAC Accreditation 2013_2018 certificate


School of Education MTTC Results:

The School of Education MTTC cumulative subject area results from 2011-2014 can be viewed by clicking below:




Facts about the School of Education

  • Between Spring 2005 and Fall 2010, our Introduction to Education students have had an average GPA of 3.254, and many excel with a far higher GPA.
  • In the 2010-2013 report from the Michigan Department of Education, Aquinas College had a cumulative pass rate on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification of 92.4%, which is well above the 85% State average.
  • Aquinas College was one of the first schools in the nation to offer a Master in Education with Initial Certification, allowing students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree to work towards earning a Master's degree while becoming a certified teacher.

Flexible scheduling and personal attention:

Our class sizes are small to ensure all our students are active participants in the learning process. Our experienced and professional faculty members care about the personal, intellectual and professional development of their students and provide many opportunities for classroom participation and mentor relationships. In the words of our students, "You can actually call professors and be able to talk with them!"

Our classes are offered in a variety of formats in order to fit into the busy schedules of working students and adults. We offer classes in a semester long format, a quadmester (eight week) format, web-based format, weekend format, and a variety of summer class formats. These classes are offered during the day, afternoons, evenings, weekends, and throughout the summer. Although we do not profess to meet the specific scheduling needs of every single student, if you have the desire to become a teacher, then this is the place for you.

Our Programs for Teacher Certification:

Undergraduate Programs:

Teacher Education candidates earn Elementary Certification to teach grades K-5 all subjects; 6-8 all subjects in self-contained classrooms; or 6-8 in major and minor areas. Coursework for Secondary Certification certifies candidates to teach grades 6-12 in their major and minor areas.
>>More information on our Undergraduate Programs


Graduate Programs:

Graduate Studies in Education offers the Master in the Art of Teaching (M.A.T.) degree, The Master in Education (M.Ed.) degree with initial certification, and the Master in Science Education (M.S.E.) degree.
>>More information on our Graduate Programs


Highly-Qualified Faculty

Each of the full-time faculty members in the School of Education possess a terminal degree. The majority of our faculty is engaged in research, both qualitative and quantitative, as evidenced in their faculty biographies. Faculty share the outcomes of their research, some of which is grant-funded, with multiple communities locally, nationally, and abroad through workshops, presentations, and publication.

Our faculty integrates their research into the School of Education curriculum, continually assessing the programs to ensure Aquinas College students are presented with current pedagogy. The range of topics in which the faculty has an interest is broad, and the depth of research is impressive. It is also of interest to note that, even while fully engaged in doctoral programs and full-time teaching, faculty are active participants as conference presenters and workshop conductors.

 In short, the research undertaken by the School of Education faculty has allowed the department to move forward with initiatives that will enable Aquinas College to become progressive and remain competitive in the field of teacher certification.

For more information on our faculty, check out their bios on our faculty page.