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German (FB)

Certification/Endorsement Code: FB
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 24
Programs: Secondary Major
AQ Program Contact Person: Dr. Katharina Häusler Gross

Department: Modern Languages


German Major Requirements


Students seeking Elementary and/or Secondary Michigan teacher certification must have a major in French, German, or Spanish. In Spanish, students can obtain an Elementary (K-8) or Secondary Certification (K-12), in German and French, students can obtain a Secondary Certification (6-12). Candidates must successfully complete 30 credit hours of the language beyond FH/GN/SH202, including FH/GN/SH301 and 302, and seven additional advanced-level FH/GN/SH courses. Please contact an Education Department advisor for details.

FH/GN/SH496 (Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages in the Elementary and Middle School, K-8) and FH/GN/SH497 (Methodology of Teaching Modern Languages in the Secondary School, 9–12) are required of all students seeking teacher certification in French, German, or Spanish. These courses do not count as credit hours toward the foreign language major, but rather as methodology courses for the Education Department. The Department of Modern Languages works closely with the Education Department to obtain a Bilingual Minor Endorsement. Please see appropriate Department Chairs for details.