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Learning Disabilities (SM)

Certification/Endorsement Code: SM
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 63
AQ Program Contact Person: Gina Garner

Department: School of Education

Programs: K-12 - Major

This endorsement is also available at the graduate level for certified teachers either alone or as part of the M.A.T. degree program. See the M.A.T. Learning Disabilities Endorsement page for more information.
LD Major Required Courses (36 hours)

EN 461 Inclusion I; Prereq: EN 201(3 credit hours)

EN 465 Inclusion II; Prereq: EN 461 (3 credit hours)

EN 464 Learning Disabilities: Theory to Practice; Prereq: EN 461 (3 credit hours)

EN 470 Special Education Assessment; Prereq: EN 461 (3 credit hours)

EN 462 Special Education Curriculum and Methods; Prereq: EN 464 (3 credit hours)

EN 322 Emergent Literacy; Prereq: EN 201, EN 207 (3 credit hours)

EN 442 Literacy II; Prereq: EN 201, EN 444 (3 credit hours)

EN 441 Literacy Assessment and Intervention; Prereq: EN 442 (3 credit hours)

EN 443 Literacy for Diverse Learners; Prereq: EN 442 (3 credit hours)

EN 455 Adolescent Literacy; Prereq: EN 442  (3 credit hours)

EN 466 Classroom Management; Prereq: EN 201(3 credit hours)

EN 490 Learning Disabilities Practicum and Seminar; Prereq: EN 464 (3 credit hours); Pre- or Coreqs: EN 462 (3 credit hours) and EN 470 (3 credit hours)

Note: EN 444, a prerequisite to EN 442 (which must be taken before EN 440, EN 441, EN 443,
and EN 455), must also be taken to fulfill elementary certification program requirements.
Students should meet with an education advisor to determine elective course options.