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Social Studies - Secondary (RX)

Certification/Endorsement Code: RX

Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 84

Programs: Secondary - Major*

(Also available at Elementary level as a Major)


Social Studies Major Required Courses (43 credit hours)

Students must complete at least 21 credits required for the Social Studies Major at Aquinas College


History: 12 credit hours

HY 101 American History (3 credits) (HP)

HY 102 American History (3 credits) (HP)

HY 161 World History (3 credits) (HP)

HY 162 World History (3 credits) (HP)


Geography: 13 credit hours

GY 120 Human Geography (4 credits) (CPG)

GY 130 Geography and History of Michigan (3 credits)

GY 140 World Regional Geography (3 credits) (CPG)

GY 302 Geography of U.S. and Canada (3 credits)


Political Science: 12 credit hours

PS 101 American Government & Politics (3 credits) (CPG)

PS 150 The World in Crisis (3 credits) (CPG)

PS 203 Urban Government & Politics (3 credits)


PS 205 State Government & Politics (3 credits)

PS 321 American Political Thought (3 credits)


Economics: 6 credit hours

ES 213 Macroeconomic Principles (3 credits)

ES 214 Microeconomic Principles (3 credits)

*Secondary certification candidates must also complete a minor in either History, Geography, or Political Science. This combination of the interdisciplinary major and the focused minor will offer students a challenging and exciting preparation for a career as a highly qualified secondary teacher. 
A student interested in this program should contact his/her faculty advisor in the intended minor area:
The student should also contact Elizabeth Flores in the School of Education at (616) 632-2436 or for more information regarding teacher certification requirements.