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Bilingual Spanish Endorsement (Graduate)

Certification/Endorsement Code: YF
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 70
Programs: Minor - Elementary or Secondary
AQ Program Contact Person: Rui Niu-Cooper

Designed for the elementary or secondary teacher who wishes to add a Bilingual Spanish/English Endorsement. The M.A.T. with a Bilingual Spanish Endorsement requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. Pursuing only the Bilingual Spanish Endorsement (without the M.A.T. degree) requires a minimum of 24 credits (index with an asterisk*).
Foundational Core index: 12 credit hours

EN 596 School and Culture in the 21st Century (3 credits)
EN 610 Inquiry-Based Literacy and Differentiated Instruction (3 credits)
EN 510 Research Methods, Design and Analysis (3 credits); 2nd to last class
EN 690 Master Teaching Project (3 credits); last class

NOTE: EN 610 must be taken as part of the first 18 hours of this planned program in order to qualify for Professional Certification 

Bilingual Spanish Endorsement Required Courses: 24 credit hours

EN 557 Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language (3 credits)*
EN 559 Assessment and Evaluation in ESL (3 credits)*; Prereq: EN 557
EN 576 Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)*
EN 705 Spanish-English Linguistics - taught in Spanish (3 credits)*; Prereq: SH 301 or equivalent proficiency
EN 763 Latin-American Culture and Civilization - taught in Spanish (3 credits)*; Prereq: SH 301 or equivalent proficiency
EN 767 Hispanic in the U.S. (3 credits)*
EN 771 Theories of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism (3 credits)*
EN 794 Practicum: ESL/Bilingual Education (3 credits)*; Prereq: All required bilingual education coursework


Electives (use only as necessary as approved by M.A.T. advisor)

EN 515 School Motivation and Discipline (3 credits)
EN 543 Linguistically & Culturally Responsive Teaching Practice (3 credits)
EN 558 Advanced Methods and Materials of Teaching ESL (3 credits); Prereq: EN 557

IMPORTANT: All students, even native speakers of Spanish, are required to show proficiency in Spanish conversation, reading, and writing, as well as English. See the M.A.T. Program Advisor for details.

NOTE: A passing score on the State subject area test in Bilingual Spanish is required prior to adding the endorsement.