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MAT Endorsement and Concentration Areas

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Early Childhood Endorsement (Graduate)
Certification/Endorsement Code: ZS
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code:106
Programs: Master in the Art of Teaching Endorsement
AQ Program Contact Person: Nkechy Ezeh, Ed.D.

The MAT with an Early Childhood (ZS) Endorsement requires a minimum of 37 credit hours. Pursuing ONLY the Early Childhood Endorsement requires a minimum of 28 credits (index with asterisk *). This endorsement is available to elementary certified teachers interested in focusing on Pre-K through grade 3.


Foundational Core index:  12 credit hours

EN 610

Inquiry-Based Literacy and Differentiated Instruction (3 credit hours)

EN 510

Research Methods, Design & Analysis; 2nd to last class (3 credit hours)

EN 690

Master Teaching Project; last class (3 credit hours)

NOTE: EN 610 must be taken as part of the first 18 hours of this planned program in order to qualify for Professional Certification  

Required if not taken previously: 

EN 507    Human Growth and Schooling (3 credit hours)


Requirements for Early Childhood Endorsement: 25 credit hours

EN 544

Language Acquisition and Teaching (3 credit hours*)

EN 596

School and Culture in the 21st Century (3 credit hours)

EN 521

Early Childhood Education (3 credit hours*)

EN 531

Exploring the Reggio Emilia Approach I (3 credit hours*)

EN 620

Infant & Toddler Education (3 credit hours*)

EN 621

Early Childhood Administration (3 credit hours*), Prerequisite: EN 521 and EN 620

EN 691

Early Childhood Practicum; 160 field hours (3 credit hours*),
Prerequisite:  All required Early Childhood coursework.

EN 645 Early Intervention in Education (3 credit hours*),
Prerequisite: EN 531
EN 524 Current Issues in Early Childhood Education (1 credit hour*)
EN 545 Foundations of Early Childhood Education (2 credit hours*)

PLEASE NOTE:  A passing score on the State subject area test in Early Childhood Education is required prior to adding the endorsement.