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MAT Endorsement and Concentration Areas

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Language Arts K-8 Endorsement (Graduate)

Certification/Endorsement Code: BX
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 01
Programs: Elementary
AQ Program Contact Person: Julia Reynolds

The Language Arts Endorsement is designed for the elementary teacher. The M.A.T. with Language Arts K-8 Endorsement requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. Pursuing ONLY the Language Arts K-8 Endorsement requires a minimum of 24 credit hours (courses with asterisk*).

Foundational Core Courses: 12 credit hours

EN 596 School and Culture in the 21st Century (3) Fall or Summer

EN 610   Inquiry-Based Literacy and Differentiated Instruction (3) Spring and Summer, required for professional certification.

EN 510   Research Methods, Design and Analysis (3) (2nd to last class) Spring and Summer.

EN 690   Master Teaching Project (3); last class (last class) Fall and Spring, prerequisite: EN 510




Language Arts Required Courses: 24 credit hours*

EN 500  Teaching Writing (3)* Spring; variable hours.

EN 540  Literacy III (3)* Fall and Spring; minimum of 18 hours of field work.

EN 588   Teaching Youth Adult Literature (3)* Spring; 8 hours of field work.

EN 641  Advanced Literacy Assessment and Intervention (3)* Spring; 30 hours of field work.

EN 655   Adolescent Literacy (3)* Fall; 30 hours of field work.

EN 682   Children’s Literature (3)* Fall; variable hours; 2 hours of field work.

EN 695  Teaching Creative Writing (3)* Fall; variable hours.

EN 643 Reading Practicum (3)* Any semester - arranged; 130 hours of field work, prerequisites: EN 540, EN 641 and EN 655.

The Reading Practicum provides experience with the responsibilities of a reading teacher/reading specialist. The practicum will consist of the development and implementation of a literacy-related project (100 hours) at a school (or some other agency) and supervisory experience (30 hours) in either the Elementary Reading Clinic or the Secondary Reading Clinic. Projects and clinic experiences will be arranged individually with the instructor.

NOTE: A passing score on the State subject area test in Language Arts is required prior to adding the endorsement.