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NOTE: This endorsement is only available at the graduate level to certified teachers.
Educational Technology Endorsement (Graduate)

Certification Endorsement Code: NP

Programs: K-12

This program is currently under review and admission of new candidates has been placed on hold.  Please call the School of Education at 616 632-2800with questions. 

The Educational Technology Endorsement is designed for both elementary and secondary teachers. The M.A.T. with Educational Technology Endorsement requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. Pursuing ONLY the Educational Technology Endorsement requires a minimum of 20 credit hours (index marked with an asterisk*).

Foundational Core index: 12 credit hours

EN 596 School and Culture in the 21st Century (3 credit hours)

EN 610 Inquiry-Based Literacy and Differentiated Instruction (3 credit hours)

EN 510 Research Methods, Design and Analysis (3 credit hours)

EN 690 Master Teaching Project (3 credit hours)

NOTE: EN 610 should be taken as part of the first 18 hours of this planned program in order to qualify for Professional Certification


Educational Technology Endorsement Requirements: 20 credit hours

EN 130 Educational Technology Basics (1 credit hour)*
Required for NP endorsement. Not part of credits counted toward MAT degree.

EN 630 EdTech: Integrating Technology into the Classroom (3 credit hours)*

EN 631 EdTech: Web Authoring & Online Learning (3 credit hours)*

EN 632 EdTech: MS Office in the Classroom (3 credit hours)*

EN 633 EdTech: Digital Multimedia (3 credit hours)*

EN 635 EdTech: Leadership Strategies (3 credit hours)*

EN 599 EdTech: Practicum (4 credit hours)*

Prerequisite: Completion of all other required endorsement index.


Electives: As needed to complete the required 36 credits for the M.A.T. Elective program must be approved in advance by the MAT program advisor.