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Masters in Education Program (M.Ed.)

Below you will find a full overview and program outlines for the M.Ed. Program at Aquinas College. There are also steps for applying to the M.Ed program and information on endorsement areas for certification.
M.Ed. Overview
The Master in Education (M.Ed.) program is designed for individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree and wish to earn Michigan teacher certification. The M.Ed. program allows students to complete initial secondary certification requirements and work on the master degree concurrently.
Interested candidates should contact the School of Education (616) 632-2800 to schedule an appointment with an education advisor. In order to develop an individual program plan, the candidate should bring either official or unofficial transcripts from each institution previously attended. Please note that grade reports, another institution's evaluation of a student's transcript, and illegible faxed copies are not acceptable.

When Aquinas College introduced its Master in Education with Initial Certification (M.Ed.) program, it was the first of its kind in the Grand Rapids area. Through this program, college graduates earn initial teaching certification and a master’s degree simultaneously, while benefiting from Aquinas’ legacy of thorough preparation. We will take you beyond your textbooks and assignments to the core of education: learning. By focusing on such issues as assessment, language acquisition, research and home-community-school relations, you will discover new ways of thinking – and leading.

At Aquinas, you will acquire and implement new ways of capturing students’ imaginations and become part of an action team of future teachers and administrators. You will spend much of your time interacting with the Aquinas College faculty, professionals in the field and your fellow students. You will exchange ideas, work through stumbling blocks and build on the experience of others. Our philosophy is that the best education for teachers promotes their own thinking and observation skills. At Aquinas, our aim is to help you discover your own individual styles of teaching then strengthen them with effective techniques. We believe authenticity goes a long way with students, and we will teach you by example.

Having professors who are also experienced professionals in their own field certainly helps. Our Master in Education faculty are exemplary professors and professionals. They are selected not only for their academic preparation and theoretical knowledge, but also for their extensive practical experience as teachers, consultants, administrators, and researchers. At Aquinas, you will gain from both their expertise and their experience. Each faculty member possesses advanced degrees and has pursued additional study; many have published articles in their respective fields. Extensive classroom experience, both with K-12 and college students, has molded their ability to provide a dynamic mix of professional theories and practical approaches for teachers to use in the classroom. At Aquinas, we know the best teachers and administrators are those who have the ability to recognize a good idea - and know how to share it with others. Who better to teach you than those who have mastered the techniques themselves?

At Aquinas, we believe a life balanced among teaching, family and friends has greater stability than one centered solely on work and achievement. That is why we have designed our M.Ed. program to help you develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives that will serve you well both professionally and personally.

With the demands of family, jobs and other responsibilities, flexibility may not be possible in your schedule. We have made our schedule versatile to compensate. Aquinas offers evening and Saturday class times, late night and early morning library and computer lab hours. Regardless of the time you choose, our specially-trained advisors, experienced faculty and accommodating financial aid programs will help to make your transition to Aquinas as stress-free as possible.


M.Ed. Admission Requirements



Bachelor’s degree from an accredited teacher preparatory institution.


Application materials may be mailed to:

Aquinas College School of Education

1607 Robinson Road SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Materials may also be dropped off at the School of Education office located in the Academic Building, room AB 260. Applications for the M.Ed. program are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis.

Accepted candidates may start the program at the beginning of any fall or spring semester.


An undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.


An admission interview with a School of Education advisor.


Completed application to the Master in Education program. There is no application fee for the Master in Education program.


Two official transcripts from each college attended. Send all transcripts directly to the School of Education.


Any candidate who has been denied acceptance, dismissed or removed from an education program at another institution is required to submit a brief description of the event, the circumstances and the date of the occurrence to the Chairperson of the School of Education prior to admission.


Passing scores on the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) or approved alternate measures. Consult Education Advisor for details. . More information and test dates can be found at the official test website:PRE website


Because criminal convictions are likely to affect teacher certification by the Michigan Department of Education, the Aquinas College School of Education requires that all candidates seeking certification disclose any prior criminal history or charges of criminal activity. Answering "yes" does not automatically prohibit entrance into the program, but full disclosure is required. A student answering yes to either of the questions below shall be responsible for providing a copy of his/her records to the Aquinas College School of Education. Falsification of records may result in denial of application; failure to disclose this information could result in immediate dismissal from the Aquinas College Education Program if uncovered at a later date.


1. Have you ever accepted responsibility in a civil infraction excluding speeding tickets?

2. Have you ever been convicted of, or pled no contest to, a felony?
3. Have you ever been convicted of, or pled no contest to, a misdemeanor?
4. Do you currently have any criminal charges pending against you?



M.Ed. Schedules

Summer 2015

Fall 2015

Courses: Click here for graduate course descriptions
Current Tuition: $548/credit

  • Additional activities beyond class meeting times will be required for most courses.
  • Nine graduate credits are considered full time. Permission is required for more than twelve credits per semester.
  • Parking permits are required and available at Campus Safety (616) 632-3754.
  • Please notify the Graduate Education Office if you have an address or telephone number change.
  • We attempt to contact students if a class is cancelled. Keeping us updated with your contact information could save you a trip to campus later!

M.Ed. Degree & Certification Requirements
Granting of the M.Ed. degree requires secondary Michigan teacher certification, additional M.Ed. coursework, and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

The M.Ed. degree with secondary certification requires a minimum of 52 graduate credit hours. This includes the 39 credit hours required for teacher certification, as well as EN 510: Research Methods, Design and Analysis (3 credit hours), and EN 690 Master Teaching Project (3 credit hours); EN 510 and EN 690 must be completed after receipt of the Michigan provisional teaching certificate.

Application for Degree forms are available in the School of Education. The student is required to submit an application for degree at least one semester prior to the anticipated graduate date. When the student returns the completed application to the School of Education, his/her record will be audited. Students who complete degree requirements in May or August of the graduation year, or December of the previous year, are encouraged to participate in the May commencement ceremonies.

PLEASE NOTE: The M.Ed. degree must be completed within five years of the time enrolled in the first graduate education course.

Certification Requirements
Below you will find information for Secondary Teacher Certification in the M.Ed. program.


Secondary Certification Requirements
The following minimum requirements, along with successful completion of a certifiable major(s) and minor and passing scores on each subject area test, must be met for secondary certification.

  • En 130 Ed Teach (1)
  • EN 501 Introduction to Education (3)
  • EN 507 Human Growth and Schooling (3)
  • EN 509 Foundations of Education (3)
  • EN 592 Multicultural Issues in Education (3)
  • EN 579 Inclusion I (3)
  • EN 301 Introduction to Assessing Student Learning (3)
  • EN 566 Classroom Management (3)
  • EN 508 Curriculum for Secondary Teachers (3)
  • EN 553 Methods of Secondary Education (3)
  • EN 554 Content Area Literacy (3)
  • EN ___ Graduate education method elective (3)*
  • EN ___ Graduate education method elective (3)*
  • EN 598 Directed Student Teaching, Secondary School (9)
  • EN 506 Applications of Learning Theory (3)


* Graduate education method elective to be determined with advisor based on major/minor selections.
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics majors and/or minors are required to take EN 581 as a graduate education method elective.
  • English majors and minors are required to take EN 500 or EN 695 as a graduate education method elective.
  • Spanish majors:
    • Candidates for K – 12 foreign language certification are required to take EN 896 and EN 897: Teaching Foreign Language in the Secondary School as the graduate education method elective
  • Mathematics majors and minors are required to take EN 575 as a graduate education method elective.
Music majors must consult with both the Music Department and a School of Education advisor for appropriate education requirements upon entering the program.