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For Michigan Education programs, requirements vary depending on certification level (i.e. elementary or secondary) and the academic major and minor you choose to pursue. Once you decided whether you want to teach at an Elementary or Secondary level and what subject area you would like to be certified in, our Education advisors can work with you to create a list of the courses you will need and plan your schedule for future semesters.

Below is a general time line for current and prospective Undergraduate Education students to use in planning their program.


General Timeline for Undergraduate Education Program

Freshman Year:

  • Since Freshman cannot take Education classes (you must be at least a Sophomore), work on taking your general elective classes during your first semesters at Aquinas.
  • Take classes in many different subject areas so you are able to see what subjects interest you.
  • If you have a strong idea of what subject area or grade-level you may be interested in teaching, it is a good idea to meet with an Education advisor. You may set up an advising appointment by contacting the School of Education Main Office (AB260) at (616) 632-2800.
  • Take the Michigan Basic Skills Test (MBST) during your Freshman year or soon after, as passing scores are required to enter EN201 Intro to Education. More information can be found at the official test website:
  • Start thinking about what major/minor(s) you would like to pursue. The sooner you the decide, the easier it will be to plan your class schedules and graduate in a timely manner.

Sophomore/Junior Years:

  • Take EN201: Intro to Education in either the Fall or Spring Semester.
    • Your cumulative grade point average must be 2.5 or higher to take Education classes.
    • You must pass the Michigan Basic Skills Test (MBST) prior to enrolling in EN 201 Intro to Education. More information can be found at the official test website:
    • Once you have passed the Michigan Basic Skills Test (MBST) and have achieved Sophomore status, you can register for EN 201.
  • As one of your requirements for EN 201, you will meet with an Education Advisor. With your advisor, you will:
    • Review options for the Education program
    • Create a plan to complete your program
    • Discuss classes you should take in upcoming semesters
    • Receive an advising contract with a list of the courses you will need for your major/minor program

Senior Year(s):

  • Ensure you are on track to completing your program. Check with your Education advisor.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher by earning satisfactory grades; a grade of "C" or better must be achieved in all major, minor and Education courses.
  • Apply for Student Teaching. See the Student Teaching page for more information.
  • Fill out your Application for Degree.
    • This is required to officially graduate from Aquinas College and be invited to participate in the Commencement ceremony in May or December.
    • Applications for Degree may be picked up in School of Education Main Office (AB260).
  • Take and pass your MTTC Subject area tests to qualify for your teaching certification from the State. You are encouraged to take the test(s) prior to Student Teaching. More information can be found at the official test website:

Transfer students:

Transfer students seeking certification are required to meet with an Education advisor in the School of Education to evaluate past education coursework and to plan the appropriate course of study during their first semester at Aquinas College. All previous education coursework must have been completed within the last seven years prior to enrollment in EN 201 at Aquinas College in order to be considered for acceptance toward certification requirements. A maximum of 9 credits of comparable education coursework may be applied toward the elementary or secondary education requirements.

Returning students:

Students who have "stepped out" of the Aquinas College Education program for more than one academic year and wish to return will be required to comply with any and all changes in the certification program. In addition, returning students should note that education coursework beyond seven years old will no longer be applied toward certification requirements. Returning students must meet with an Education advisor in the School of Education prior to re-enrolling in the Education program.

Legal Notice to All Students:
As future teachers, you need to know that the State of Michigan has laws regarding the legal acceptability of candidates who wish to become certified teachers.

Aquinas College is required to report persons civil infraction with misdemeanor and felony convictions. Students seeking teacher certification must submit written responses to the following questions several times throughout their program.
1. Have you ever accepted responsibility in a civil infraction excluding speeding tickets?

2. Have you ever been convicted of, or pled no contest to, a felony?
3. Have you ever been convicted of, or pled no contest to, a misdemeanor?
4. Do you currently have any criminal charges pending against you?

Additionally, all students are under obligation to report any change in their legal status to their Education advisor in the School of Education.

Falsification of records (FRAUD) will result in immediate dismissal from the Aquinas College certification program.

The final decision regarding issuance of teacher certification credentials to candidates answering yes to any of the questions regarding legal background information will be determined by the Michigan Department of Education.