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Student Teaching: SOE Portfolio


All certification candidates in the School of Education undergraduate and M.Ed. programs are required to construct a developmental portfolio during their course of study here at Aquinas College. The purpose of this portfolio is to collect, organize, and reflect upon evidence of your competence as an educator. This evidence or documentation will be presented in an electronic portfolio for final review before you are recommended for certification.

All portfolios have two dimensions. One dimension is that a portfolio is a product you create and utilize to document your knowledge, skills, and attitudes to present to another person. This portfolio product is often used in a job interview or admission application into an academic program. In this context, your portfolio needs to efficiently and convincingly document your strengths in the most concise way possible. No one has the time to review a long, rambling, “scrapbook”, type of portfolio. The second dimension of a portfolio is that it is a process. The act of creating a portfolio, deciding what to include, and producing reflective summaries for the non self-explanatory exhibits, demonstrates and promotes self-assessment and self-reflection. Good teachers are reflective people who are adept at self-assessment.

Your education portfolio is a unique and dynamic reflection of you as you prepare for your teaching career. Thus, over the next few years, your portfolio serves two basic functions. First, it can help you understand the skills, dispositions, and interests you have acquired in the course of your studies, reflect on your own learning to identify your personal strengths and areas of growth, and update documentation of your skill development as you complete courses and participate in additional activities beyond your course work. Secondly, the portfolio should be used for documenting and demonstrating your abilities as an intending teacher. This will be important as you prepare to student teach and begin to interview for a teaching position.

Portfolio Contents and Requirements
The SOE portfolio requirements are outlined in this handout: InTASC- Portfolio Rubric Essentially, the portfolio must contain artifacts and reflective summaries which demonstrate that the candidate has met all ten of the InTASC standards. Review this handout for information on writing effective portfolio summaries which are both meaningful and reflective: Writing Portfolio Summaries.


Portfolio Tools
Currently the School of Education (SOE) is accepting portfolios built using the following tools:

* USB flash drive


Backing-Up Portfolio Files

As with all digital copies of important information, backup copies should be kept. While the new USB pen drives are easy and portable, these should not be relied upon as backup archives. Although not easily accessible from off campus, your AQ account provides a safer and more secure location to backup all your files. It is recommended that you create a file folder structure on your F: drive to match your portfolio and periodically save copies of all your education files and documentation to those F: drive folders for backup.

Note to EN201/EN501 Introduction to Education Students
Although you are encouraged to begin building up evidence in all sections of your portfolio, at a minimum, the following items should be posted by the end of your Introduction to Education course experience:

  • Cover Letter or Introductory Page
  • Resume or Professional Vita
  • Field Placement Description, Photos*, and Reflections (optional)


Reference Handouts:

* Check your exhibits for confidentiality. If you have used samples of assessments, student work, or anything that has individual names, addresses, phone numbers, school names, teacher names, etc., make sure you remove that information from the exhibit.
Permission for use of any student’s picture(s) must be obtained and documented in writing.