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The English major at Aquinas prepares students for careers and for a lifetime of learning about and loving literature. Grounded in traditional historical surveys of literature in English, we also keep pace with current trends in literary studies by continuously updating course offerings in such fields as women's studies, minority literatures, world literature in English, and film studies. Our writing and journalism minors offer students opportunities to express themselves and to bring their writing skills to professional levels.
Mission Statement Graduate School/Careers
Outstanding Senior Awards 2015
Senior Awards





Graduating seniors Kathryn McKay and Rachael Steil were honored as the English Department's Outstanding Seniors for the 2014-2015 academic year.


Congratulations Kathryn and Rachael!

Mission Statement
Mission: The English Department serves students, the campus, and the community through the study of literature, writing, language, and theory. The Department prepares students for graduate programs and for careers in fields such as teaching, journalism, advertising, public relations, law, business, library science, professional writing, and editing for publications.
We hope to provide students with a broad knowledge of the history and development of literature in English, as well as to develop their reading, writing, speaking, critical and analytical skills to prepare them for graduate studies and careers. We also hope to instill in students an appreciation for literature as a means of understanding human experience.
Career Opportunities

AQ's English major, literature minor, journalism minor and writing minor are surprisingly flexible degrees, providing a number of career options in a variety of fields. Obvious career paths include teaching at the primary and secondary level and graduate study in English leading to teaching at the college level. The English major, in combination with a teaching certificate, is a very marketable degree since English language and American and British literature are fundamental subjects taught in all schools.

Further information about teaching careers in English can be found at the education department home page. Another career path for English majors is in  publications and public relations. Aquinas English majors have gone on to successful careers in print journalism, editing, freelance writing, literary agency, publishing, and public relations.


Skills in writing, analysis and editing, as well as exposure to a large body of American and British literature are all invaluable in the wide world of publishing. Students interested in a writing career should also check out Aquinas' writing minor and journalism minor.


Aquinas English graduates have also found work in business and technical writing. Law schools also look favorably on the English major as a pre-law degree. Analytical and language skills learned in the classroom can easily be transferred to the study of law which relies heavily on case study analysis and written and spoken argument. Other Aquinas  English majors have found success such diverse fields as counseling,  bookstore management, insurance adjusting and in-house communications directing for corporations.


These are just a few of the many fields students with an English major may find themselves in. See our English Alumni page for some testimonials from recent graduates in various fields. For further information, contact the chairperson of the English Department, Rebecca Coogan , or the AQ Career Development Center at (616) 632-2902.