Student Learning Outcomes & Department Goals

Department Goals & Objectives
The goals of the English Department are:
1.) to provide students with a broad knowledge of the history and development of literature in English;
2.) to develop in students the writing, speaking, critical and analytical tools necessary for achieving an understanding of the literature they study, and for preparing for graduate school and careers;
3.) to instill in students an appreciation for literary art and an awareness for the way that artistic expression is a vehicle for understanding the human experience.
Student Learning Outcomes
Successful majors in the English Department will complete their education:
1.) with a broad and a detailed knowledge of the British and American literary traditions;
2.) with a facility with language that will enable them to express themselves effectively in persuasive, creative, and analytical modes of writing and speaking;
3.) with an ability in critical and analytical thinking that will prepare them for a variety of professional careers;
4.) with an ability to articulate an appreciation of literature as an art form.