Environmental Science  


Major Requirements Environmental Courses
This major is designed for those students wishing to pursue careers in environmental science. Among these career choices are environmental analysis and testing, environmental health and medicine, industrial environmental monitoring, and graduate programs in a variety of environmental areas. Students who opt for this major desire a program that is more interdisciplinary than degree programs in either biology or chemistry.
Major Requirements
Course Number Course Name Credits
BY160 Introduction to Biology 4
BY161 Botany 3
BY162 Zoology 3
BY231 Microbiology 4
BY352 Ecology 4
Biology Elective 4
CY111/112 General Chemistry 4/4
CY211/212 Organic Chemistry 4/4
EV250 Environmental Instrumentation 4
EV399/400 Environmental Science Seminars 1/1
Earth Environments 4
MS121/122 Calculus I and II 4/4
MS252 Statistics 3
PC201/202 General Physics 4/4
PC213/214 General Physics with Calculus 4/4
  1. Students may elect PC201/202 in place of PC213/214.
  2. CY346 Instrumental Methods of Analysis may be substituted for EV250.
  3. EV399 and EV400 will include environmental research projects as well as seminars on environmental problems. The research will be done in collaboration with faculty members in the Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Physics Departments. CY400/401 may be substituted for EV399/400.
  4. Faculty in this program will assist students who seek internships in environmental science.
Credit Hours in Major
Biology 22
Chemistry 16
Environmental Science 6
Geography 4
Mathematics 11
Physics/Engineering 8
Total Credit Hours 67

Environmental Courses

EV250 Environmental Instrumentation (4)
This course is an introduction to analytical methods in environmental chemistry. The primary emphasis will be on quantitative methods, statistical analysis and reliability of results, and the application of spectroscopy, chromatography, and electrochemistry to environmental analysis. There will be two lectures and two 3-hour labs per week. This course will only be offered in the sixteen-week semester format. Students must have mathematical skills equivalent to MS114. This course may be co-listed or replaced with CY346, Instrumental Analysis. Prerequisite: CY112.
EV399 Environmental Seminar I (2)
This course will involve a discussion of environmental problems and the application of environmental regulations to these problems. Students will also become familiar with establishing a compliance strategy for industrial plants. Prerequisite: junior or senior status and approval of the chairperson.
EV400 Environmental Seminar II (1)
This course will be the capstone course for the major and will involve a research problem in environmental science. Students will work 1:1 with a faculty member in the NSM division on an original problem. Prerequisite: junior or senior status and approval of the chairperson
Advising and Scheduling
Since this major is interdisciplinary, students must schedule their courses carefully. Any student choosing this major should consult with a major advisor for this program. To assist students in illustrating how this program can be completed in four years, a possible four-year schedule is shown below.

First Year

First Semester

BY160 Introduction to Biology (4)

CY111 General Chemistry I (4)

GE101 Inquiry & Expression (3)

GE103 Inro to Information Literacy (1)

Technology (1)


Second Semester

BY161 Botany (3)

CY112 General Chemistry II (4)

Kinesiology (1)

Theological Foundations (3)


Second Year

First Semester

CY211 Organic Chemistry I (4)

GE201 Humanities (3)

MS121 Calculus I (4)

BY162 Zoology (3)


Second Semester

CY212 Organic Chemistry II (4)

GE202 Humanities (3)

MS122 Calculus II (4)

GY101 Earth Environments (4)


Third Year

First Semester

PC213 General Physics I (4)

BY231 Microbiology (4)

History/Philosophy (3)

Foreign Language (4)

CD200 Career & Self Awareness (1)


Second Semester

PC214 General Physics II (4)

MS252 Statistics (3)

EV250 Environmental Instrumentation (4)

Foreign Language (4)


Fourth Year

First Semester

EV399 Environmental Seminar I (2)

BY352 Ecology (4)

Business/Economics (3)

Psychology/Sociology (3)

Communication/Political Science/Geography (3-4)


Second Semester

EV400 Environmental Seminar II (1)

Social Science (3)

Biology Elective (4)

Artistic & Creative Studies (3)

Internship or Elective (3)