Environmental Studies  
Environmental Studies Environmental Studies Environmental Studies


Environmental studies is a broad discipline that examines how the natural world works and how humans interact with the environment. This relationship will be valuable in virtually all future decision making and will help determine the quality of life for future generations. This sort of critical examination illuminates a number of serious problems for our species as well as for others and then discusses some attainable solutions. The discovery of our dependency on the health of natural communities provides the inspiration for intelligent innovations concerning how we get our physical needs met and how we relate to all the components of the natural world.


Why Study Environmental Studies?

While distinct from ecology and environmental science, the discipline encompasses study in the basic principles of those two fields of learning as well as the associated subjects.


Did You Know?

If all of the 6.5 billion humans lived as we do in the U.S., we would need at least two more Earths worth of natural resources.